The Sill’s Spring Sidewalk Sale Is Where To Get 50% Off the Most Low-Maintenance Plant—Before It Sells Out

Photo: The Sill
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Aloe-lujah! The Sill's annual spring sale is here with deals in spades, and our credit cards are ready. From March 18-21, the plant paradise will be hosting its highly-anticipated Sidewalk Sale in-stores and online, offering up to 50 percent off a garden variety of indoor plants, flowers, pots and planters, care accessories, and more.

With spring around the corner, the event couldn't come at a more perfect time. After a long, cold winter, who isn't craving a little greenery, inside and out? Now's your chance to get your green thumbs on some lush new houseplants or colorful flowers at nearly half off the regular price. This includes the fan-favorites, like the fussy-but-fantastic Fiddle Leaf Fig ($82) and the impossible-to-kill ZZ Plant ($75), as well as the trendier plants, like certain ficus species and tropical ferns.

Select plant bundles will be 50 percent off, too, so if your indoor jungle really needs a refresh after a harsh winter, don't beat around the bush. Plus, The Sill will throw in a surprise "Deal of the Day" for each of the four days with some serious discounts—as if you needed another reason to check back daily.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a late bloomer, everyone deserves a little green—on their windowsills and in their wallets. Shop The Sill spring sale below, no green thumb required.

Large ZZ Plant — $75.00

Originally $108, now $75

If you’re on the hunt for a hardy plant that doesn’t require much upkeep, check out the ZZ plant. The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, aka, the ZZ plant, is a tropical perennial that’s easy to keep alive. Pop it in bright indirect light, water every 2-3 weeks, and you’ve got yourself a pretty companion sure to last a long time.

Medium Arrowhead White Butterfly — Grow Pot — $26.00

Originally $34, now $26

If you want something that needs a little bit more TLC, check out the arrowhead white butterfly plant, which is currently 30 percent off in select pots. Look at the leaves you’ll see a light marbling in different shades of green that stand out in a sea of emerald fronds. Pop it in bright indirect light and water every 1-2 weeks and give it a trellis or pole—these beauties love to climb.

The Pothos and Dracaena Bundle — $33.00

Originally $66, now $33

As we mentioned, select bundles are 50 percent off, like this pothos and dracaena combo. Both are super low maintenance—you can plop them in bright indirect light and give them every 1-2 weeks and they’ll thrive. Talk about a bang for your buck.

Small Linum Burgundy Bouquet — $48.00

Originally $80, now $48

If green isn’t your thing, get your hands on this stunning dried bouquet for something different. The beige-burgundy combo automatically looks chic on side tables, office desks, and bookshelves. As for the plants themselves, expect a blend of dried pampas, ginger, waxed eucalyptus, and fluffy bunny tails.



Large Bird of Paradise — $60.00

Originally $88, now $60

Turn your living room into a tropical oasis with this lush, large Bird of Paradise plant. Since it’s technically a warm weather plant, it does require more attention than your average snack plant. Biggest things to note are light and temperature—give your Bird of Paradise lots of sun in a warm, humid room, and it’ll bloom happily and healthily.

Large Majesty Palm — $61.00

Originally $88, now $61

Or you can go the classic tropical route and buy this gorgeous majesty palm instead. It’s got everything you want in a tried-and-true palm tree, including lush fronds, that sturdy, signature trunk, and an overall sunshine-y vibe. With bright light and warmth, it’ll turn your bedroom into a beach-y escape all year long.

The Pet-Friendly Collectors Bundle — $33.00

Originally $66, now $33

Remember: not all plants are pet-friendly. Stock your indoor jungle with greens Fluffy and Fido are safe around, like this bundle. Each set includes a trendy ric-rac cactus and a baby rubberplant, both of which are safe for your furry friends. Snag them now for 50 percent off their normal price tag.

Wild Fields Bouquet — $47.00

Originally $79, now $47

Fun thing about dried bouquets—you can’t kill ’em! If you’re maaaybe not the best plant parent, add this beautiful arrangement to your cart. Each bouquet includes bundles of dried willow stems, pennisetum grasses, and bleach chilis, all in moody beiges and browns that look like something instantly elegant. There’s no watering, no light—just pop them in an empty vase and enjoy.

The Philodendron Bundle — $39.00

Originally $66, now $39

Hang these emerald gems in your window or off your deck for an easy pop of green. Each bundle includes a philodendron green, whose heart-shaped leaves will trail in a whimsical tail while it grows, and the philodendron birkin, whose stripey fronds stand out wherever it grows.

Peperomia Ginny — $32.00

Originally $46, now $32

This little plant has got it all. Between the tri-colored leaves, its maintenance style, and its pet-friendliness, adding it to your collection is a no-brainer. Choose from mint or blush pots and enjoy the rainbow of colors on your sill.

pentagonal planter
Pentagonal Planter — $52.00

Originally $65, now $52

Looking for a unique planter that’ll catch everyone’s eye the second they walk in? Get the Pentagonal Planter, a ceramic beauty that features a drainage hole and saucer. It’s designed by New Mexico-based artist Laila Salomon, and you can also get it in a stunning blue (the white is the only one on sale, though).

Explore the rest of the sale here, and don't forget to check back for new items and those daily deals!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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