Score a Theragun for $200 Off During the Therabody Black Friday Sale

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Therabody's line of recovery tools is nothing short of elite. Beloved by pro-athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, the brand's percussive therapy devices are lauded for their ability to melt muscle tension in a single five-minute session. The only downside is that the release that these babies offer usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag, which is why we're happy to share that they're on *super* sale in honor of Black Friday.

So what makes them worth the investment? Pros have called the tech "espresso shot of recovery," meaning that they kick-start your recovery routine far faster than a standard stretch. "Vibrational therapy can help with pain, muscle soreness or tightness, and recovery. It can be an inexpensive alternative to massage to help maintain performance by working out trigger points and knots and preventing the build up of lactic acid in the muscles," Lauren Lobert, DPT, OMPT, CSCS and owner of APEX Physical Therapy, previously told Well+Good. "Plus, it feels good."

To experience the sweet, sweet relief that comes along with using a Therabody device—at a serious discount, no less—shop the sale below.

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Theragun Pro — $399.00

Now $399, Originally $599

Theragun’s most expensive percussive therapy device is also its most powerful. It comes with six different attachments that deliver targeted massage to different muscles, and has an adjustable shifts into four positions so that you can hit even the hardest-to-reach spots on your body.

Theragun Elite — $299.00

Now $299, Originally $399

The ultra-quiet Theragun elite offers two different speed settings so you can make the most out of your massage. There’s a fast, intense setting for deep tissue massage, and a slower, lighter-pressure option for super-sore or sensitive areas. It has three ergonomic grips (which means your arms won’t get sore in pursuit of treating soreness elsewhere on your body) and comes with four interchangeable attachments.

Theragun Prime — $249.00

Now $249, Originally $299

This no-frills Theragun gives you all of the essentials. It has five easy-to-customize speeds and four attachments, and is made with the brand’s Quietforce Technology so you won’t have to deal with any unnecessary noise disturbing your treatment session.

Theragun Mini — $174.00

Now $174, Originally $199

Designed to deliver recovery wherever you go, Theragun’s mini device will give your muscles an intense massage without taking up any extra space in your gym bag.


Wave Roller — $99.00

Now $99, Originally $149

The wave roller combines two of the best types of recovery tech: foam-rolling and vibrational massage. It has different vibrating speed settings, and connects to an app that will help you personalize your warmup and recovery routines based on your workouts.

Wave Duo — $79.00

Now $79, Originally $99

This “duo” roller was ergonomically designed for use on your back, spine, and neck, making it the perfect solution to desk-induced tension. It has five vibrational speeds, and its grooves help to give you just the right angles and pressure during your DIY massage.

Wave Solo — $59.00

Now $59, Originally $79

If you’re looking for an ultra-targeted vibrational massage, this ball is exactly what you need. You can roll it on all of your hardest-to-reach areas (don’t forget your feet!) for an instant sigh of relief.


RecoveryAir — $499.00

Now $499, Originally $699

These compressive therapy boots help to increase circulation in the legs, flushing out metabolic waste and replenishing the area with fresh, oxygenated blood. The result? Less muscle soreness and fatigue in your legs. the lower-fi version of the boots are manually operated, and offer 360 minutes of battery life for all of those extra-long recovery sessions.

RecoveryAir Pro — $999.00

Now $999, Originally $1,299

The smartened-up version of Therabody’s compressive boots comes with an LCD digital display, and connects to an app via Bluetooth to give you five guided treatment programs as well as total customization and control of your recovery.

Press play on the video below to watch the Theragun in action.

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