Therabody Just Released a Face-Jiggling Eye Mask, and We Want It

Photo: Therabody
Face masseuses: You officially have some competition.

Therabody has just released a new device called SmartGoggles that will massage, heat, and vibrate your face. You can even pair them with the Therabody app to listen to a meditation or other soundscape in time with all that face-jiggling action. All you’ll have to do is cough up $199. (*Cries*)

therabody smart goggles
Photo: Therabody
Therabody SmartGoggles — $199.00

These face massaging, vibrating, and heating goggles that can tell when you’re stressed are pricey. But with Therabody’s track record, they probably feel amazing.

The company says the SmartGoggles weigh less than one pound, but judging from the pictures, they definitely look more like ginormous goggles than a simple eye mask.

What makes these goggles so smart? They come with “SmartSense technology,” which ostensibly can tell if you’re stressed by measuring your heart rate. It then works to decrease that heart rate with a good ol’ face rub, and you can look at your heart rate data in the app to see how a session may have calmed your poor nerves.

The face is often a place where stress manifests, which might be why a massage on your forehead and around the eyes sounds so appealing.

"We hold stress in our face because this is where we show our emotions," Liz Aigner, a licensed massage therapist and esthetician, previously told Well+Good. You can relieve this tension by face massaging yourself, but why do all the heavy lifting when some futuristic goggles can do it for you?

Therabody has a track record of making pricey products that, let’s be real, feel amazing. The company is also not new to face treatments: This spring, it launched the skin-firming beauty tool the TheraFace Pro which our reviewer called a “game changing” device. With the launch of the SmartGoggles, it looks like Therabody wants to help all of our faces feel those good vibrations.

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