The New $300 Theragun Is a Workhorse for Your Sore Muscles

Photo: Theragun/Well+Good Creative
There are very few times in life when something you really want (but can't quite swing financially) gets a major price slash. Tuesday was one of those sweet, serendipitous occasions in the fitness world. With the launch of two new percussive therapy devices, Theragun has now made it possible to treat your sore muscles to one of their recovery devices for $300 less than the cost of the original device.

The features on the G3 ($399) and the liv ($299) vary slightly from the flagship G3PRO ($599), which is intended for use by level-10 athletes. The G3PRO comes with two speeds of repercussion and six attachments to fit an adjustable arm for targeting large and small muscle groups. The G3 is similar with four attachments and a fixed arm. And finally, the lightest model at 2.5 pounds, the liv is the utilitarian workhorse of group with two attachments.

While previous iterations of the Theragun were loud enough to drown out conversation clear across the room (we passed it around the office anyway), all three of the current offerings are almost whisper quiet. You wouldn't necessarily want to, say, bust one out while your roommate is meditating, but you could definitely sneak in some percussive therapy while watching TV.

For the unordained, the Theragun is a dream come true for your aching muscles. In a review from late 2018, beauty and fitness director Ali Finney wrote: "Nowadays, to the left of my couch sits a contraption that looks equal parts futuristic and functional: The Theragun. Anytime someone new comes over, they ask with stars in their eyes: 'What is that?' 'It replaced foam rolling for me,' I tell them—and in an instant everyone wants to try. I switch it on and just like that, people are impressed."

"Unlike some wellness experiences, you’ll never be confused on whether or not the Theragun is working," wrote Finney. "This is both because it’s quite loud (it sounds a bit like a drill being used) and because it brings instant relief to sore, tight muscles with long-lasting benefits." With the latest offerings from Thergun, however, cacophony is a thing of the past.

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