There’s a New Mini Theragun—and You’ll Want to Take It Everywhere You Go

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Theragun is the shining star of recovery tools that makes it easy to give yourself a full body massage. And now the company, which has rebranded as Therabody, just released a new portable version of its iconic device—the Theragun mini.

"We are constantly innovating and looking for ways to make percussive therapy available to everyone," says Jason Wersland, DC, owner and chief wellness officer at Therabody. "We created the mini as the perfect companion to other Theraguns. The mini can fit in a backpack, purse, even some back pockets. It's quiet enough to use while you're on the phone, in a meeting, on a bus, in a taxi or uber. It's portable and provides relief on the go—that was our goal."

Theragun mini, $199

theragun mini
Photo: Therabody

The Theragun mini ($199) is a part of Therabody's fourth generation of Theraguns, which includes the Theragun Pro ($599), Theragun Elite ($399), and Theragun Prime ($299). These devices are designed to be quieter than previous models, and the larger models are Bluetooth enabled to connect to an app that syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health to offer guided treatments tailored to align with your behaviors and preferences.

Though relatively small, a Theragun isn't exactly something you want to tote around in your purse. The Theragun Pro, for example, weighs just under three pounds, and if you've ever taken a barre class, you know how heavy 3 pounds can get. The mini weighs in at 1.2 pounds, so you can easily take it to the gym, on a bike ride, or just to use when your shoulders get tired at work.

"The mini has just the right amount of power for its size and use cases," says Dr. Wersland. "The mini does not have the power that our other Theraguns have but it does have more power than most of the vibration products on the market."

Unlike the larger models, the mini only comes with one head, the standard ball attachment, but it's compatible with all fourth-generation attachments available to purchase separately. The mini has three speed settings and a battery life of 150 minutes, which is 20 minutes longer than that of the Prime and the Elite. However, the Pro has the longest overall battery life at 300 minutes.

As part of its rebranding, Therabody also recently announced the launch of TheraOne, its line of ingestible and topical CBD products slated to be available in summer 2020. The line is comprised of USDA Certified Organic CBD products, including Activate CBD Lotion ($55), Recover CBD Lotion ($55), Revive CBD Body Balm Jar ($65) and Stick ($75), Sleep CBD Tincture ($80), and Soothe CBD Massage Oil ($65).

Ella Dove, host of  What the Wellness, got a one-on-one session with Dr. Wersland to learn how to use a Theragun. After using it consistently for a few weeks, she says using a percussive device is totally worth it.

"If you're the kind of person who spends time every day really taking care of yourself, whether that's via foam rolling, lacrosse balls, intense stretching, this is an incredible companion to recovery," says Dove. "Unlike foam rolling, which can suck and really hurt and kind of takes a lot of time, this is designed to be used in a few minutes. For that reason alone it's become a habit for me."

Although the Mini cost less than other versions, it certainly isn't cheap. "[Theraguns are] expensive—it's definitely an investment in your health," says Dove. "This is not something everybody has access to. They do have a couple of sales a few times a year, but it's definitely something that is designed for  people who are really invested in their own fitness and longevity"

Watch Dr. Wersland demonstrate how to use a Theragun in this episode of What the Wellness:

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