This 2-Ingredient Tea Tastes Just Like Thin Mints in a Mug

As someone with an undeniable sweet tooth, I'm on a never-ending quest to satisfy it in ways that don't involve a box of Entenmann's. Sometimes that means paying a little extra for some really good dark chocolate. Or looking up recipes that make the fruit in my crisper a bit more exciting. Or a few Girl Scout cookies and a cup of hot tea... or a cup of tea that magically tastes like cookies? Yeah, I think I could get into that.

This morning, one of my colleagues casually let it drop that chef Sophia Roe actually does know how to make tea taste like cookies—and not just any cookies: Thin Mints. "Roe brews peppermint tea in a steaming mug of oat milk and it tastes just like them," I'm told, as drool starts to form in the corner of my mouth.

Peppermint tea and oat milk, that's literally all you need for Thin Mint tea. What a genius, simple idea. This delightful drink is actually full of health benefits, too. Sipping peppermint tea has been linked to supporting good digestion and boosting the immune system. And hot milk—or alt-milk in this case—has total sleepytime vibes. (And who doesn't need help hitting the hay?)

Now when someone has figured out how to turn a box of Samoas or Tagalongs into tea, let me know.

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