Thinx New Period-Friendly Activewear Line Means You’ll Never Have To Work Out With a Tampon in Again

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We all remember the tampon commercials of yore that showed women running and jumping without having to worry about their periods, but I'm going to get really real with you for a second. Any time I'm working out mid-cycle, I have a very legitimate fear that my tampon is going to fall clear out of my body. I have legitimate nightmares about coming up from a burpee and finding a tampon lying on my mat beside me, and though those commercials have led me to believe that it's highly unlikely, it's still stressful as hell. But thankfully, as of last week, my fears and discomfort have been put to rest with the launch of Thinx's new line of period-resistant activewear.

The brand, which was made famous for its line of absorbent period underwear, recently added workout-friendly gear to its collection. There are two pairs of shorts, a leotard, and a pair of leggings, all meant to prevent leaks—sans tampon—while you're at the gym (or just hanging out on your couch in your activewear).

When Thinx launched back in 2013, it changed the period underwear game. Not only were the products super cute, but they held two tampons' worth of blood, which made them a fast favorite among Well+Good staffers.  “You know those last days of your period where it’s just, like, a tiny bit of blood? I’m so over wearing a tampon at that point, so I rely on Thinx instead,” said one of our team members of the brand's original undies.

The brand's activewear goes above and beyond holding that "tiny bit of blood," with each product able to absorb between two and five tampons' worth of the stuff, plus whatever sweat is pouring out of your nether regions mid-workout. They're (obviously) reusable, which means that, in addition to freeing you from any worries about your tampon falling out mid-workout, they'll also help you reduce waste. Considering the only clothes I'll put onto my body during my period must be stretchy and comfortable, these definitely check all of the most important boxes.

Scroll through to shop the items from the Thinx activewear collection, all of which you'll spot me wearing four-to-six days of every month from now on.

1. Thinx Leotard, $75

Thinx activewear
Photo: Thinx

Even outside of the gym, the tampon-leotard combo has never been a pleasant experience (because front wedgies are a thing). But this little number—which holds five tampons worth of blood—is the only thing you'll need to ensure your workout stays leak-free.

Shop now: Thinx Leotard, $75

2. Thinx Leggings, $95

Thinx activewear
Photo: Thinx

There are a lot of great black leggings out there, but these go above and beyond our usual favorites in that they hold three tampons' worth of blood. They come in black and olive green—neither of which will show period stains—and are great for running, yoga, or hanging out on the couch. And what's more? They're equipped with a heating pad pocket, so you can make your leggings lounging time double as a cramp-fighting session.

Shop now: Thinx Leggings, $95

3. Thinx Cycle Shorts, $75

Thinx activewear
Photo: Thinx

These bike shorts are not only trendy (I fully plan on wearing them with an oversized button-down shirt and strappy sandals outside of the gym), but they're also perfect for those light-flow days because they hold two tampons worth of blood. They come in black and heather grey, and will never, ever give you camel toe.

Shop now: Thinx Cycle Shorts, $75

4. Thinx Training Shorts, $65

Thinx activewear
Photo: Thinx

I'd put running right alongside jump squats and burpees in the category of "stressful activities to do with a tampon in," and these shorts are the perfect solution. They'll absorb five tampons-worth of blood, and have pockets (!!!), which means you can prance around tampon free and have a place to put your keys.

Shop now: Thinx Training Shorts, $65

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