Thinx Is Having the Biggest Sale of the Year *Right Now*—Here’s What To Buy

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The best thing about period underwear is that once you've got it, you'll never know how you lived without it. Gone are the days of waking up and realizing you're out of tampons—just throw on a pair of Thinx and you're good to go. Such ease only comes when you're prepped with an arsenal of undies to get you through your entire flow. (Personally, the last thing I want to worry about while I'm on my period is laundry.) And while it'll save you money in the long run, stocking up on leakproof underwear can have steep upfront costs. Luckily, Thinx is having its biggest sale of the year right now and you can save 30 percent on every single item.

From thongs to briefs and leotards to exercise shorts, Thinx has the items to make your period easier and more sustainable. Don't miss out on the Thinx sale. Buy a few packs to save even more or shop single items.

7 best single items to grab from the Thinx sale before it ends

Super Hi-Waist — $30.00

The super hi-waist undies hold up to 9 teaspoons of liquid. That’s five regular tampons or one and a half menstrual cups worth. It comes in four colors.

Thong — $17.00

For your lighter days, consider the thong. It holds just under 2 teaspoons of liquid, so about half of what a regular pad or one regular tampon can hold. It comes in three colors.

Training Shorts — $46.00

These training shorts have a built-in pair of super absorbency underwear. They hold up to 9 teaspoons of liquid, which is about five regular tampons or one and a half menstrual cups worth. It comes in two colors.

Cotton Bikini — $23.00

The cotton bikini offers moderate absorbency, holding 5.5 teaspoons worth of liquid, the equivalent of one and a half regular pads or about one menstrual cup. It comes in three colors.

Super Cotton Brief — $28.00

The super cotton brief holds up to 9 teaspoons of liquid. That’s five regular tampons or one and a half menstrual cups worth. It comes in three colors.

Air Hiphugger — $23.00

Thinx air undies are designed to feel super lightweight. The air hiphugger has light absorbency, holding just under 4 teaspoons of liquid. That’s the same as two regular tampons or 3 panty liners.

Leotard — $53.00

This leotard has a built-in sports bra, making it great for exercise or to just wear like you would a bodysuit. It has super absorbency, meaning it holds up to 9 teaspoons of liquid. That’s about two and a half regular pads or seven and a half regular panty liners worth.

3 best packs to buy from the Thinx sale

All Cycle Long Set — $74.00

This set combines one super-absorbency hiphugger, one moderate-absorbancy hiphugger, and one light-absorbency air hiphugger in black.

Postpartum Set — $132.00

This set is designed for people who are recovering after giving birth. It’s also great for people with heavy flows. It includes two super-absorbancy super cotton briefs, two moderate-absorbancy hiphuggers, and one super-absorbancy super hi-waist pair in black.

Organic Cotton Set — $70.00

This three-pack comes with two black heavy-absorbency cotton briefs and one gray moderate-absorbency cotton bikini.

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