‘I Ran an Entire Marathon In These Undies—And They Never Once Gave Me a Wedgie’

Are you over thongs? If you no longer want to deal, yet need something to go under your workout clothes, I'm happy to report that great, seamless briefs do exist. Of course, when you buy a new pair, there’s always the risk that it will ride around and give you a wedgie, but with the right advice (cough, cough: this advice) you can score a pair that will. not. ever. budge. Because let's be real: The last thing you want whilst in muscular agony, outstretched on a Megaformer, is to have your underwear ride up your butt. Exercise is hard enough, underwear shouldn’t make things more uncomfortable.

If this sounds like your plight, then say no more. Third Love’s “The Form” Seamless High-Leg Bikini Kit ($45 for 5 pieces) is—according to our editors—completely wedgie proof when you work out. Yes, you read that correctly. One of our editors ran an entire marathon in these puppies and she did not get one wedgie over the course of 26.2 miles. "I have been on runs before when my undies got so soaked in sweat that they weighted my shorts down, but not only did these not do that, they also stayed put the entire time," says Ali Finney, deputy editor. "I did not get one wedgie while running in them over the course of almost 5 hours."

Made with a four-way stretch, the stitch-free finish comes in 11 colors and eight sizes (XS to 3X), these Pilates-friendly, run-friendly panties offer a high waist (necessary) and a high hip cut, for a smooth finish—and coverage only where you want it. They also have a thicker seam—that somehow is pretty invisible when they're on your body layered under leggings. Pure magic.

Reviewers have said they’re “So comfortable, like you're wearing nothing,” and that they “fit snug". If you’re still into thongs, though—Third Love makes some excellent ones that silky smooth. The no-show thongs come in a set of five (you get to pick the colors!) and they’re legitimately invisible under even the tightest of leggings if you're worried about seams showing through. Happy exercising sans wedgies.

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