Shoppers Say This Comfortable Underwear Covers the ‘Perfect Amount of Butt’—And It’s 44% Off Right Now

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Every now and again, I'll clear out my underwear drawer and refresh with a brand new selection of undies. No disrespect to my college-old briefs, but they were too tight around the edges, gave me wedgies, and slowly inched down every time I began walking. I needed a brand new pack, to say the least. What I wanted was a pair that would hold up against multiple washes, hug me in all of the right places, and not wedge in between my cheeks. When I found all of that and more in Thirdlove's Seamless Hipster Bundle—which happens to be 44 percent off during Thirdlove's Underwear Sale—I haven't switched back to any other underwear since. Having worn them for a year now, I can safely say that they're the most comfortable pair I've ever owned.

thirdlove seamless hipster bundle
Thirdlove, Form Seamless Hipster Bundle — $45.00

Originally $80, now $45

Made of a nylon and spandex blend—Thirdlove’s Seamless Hipster Bundle is as comfortable as underwear gets. They’re also stretchy, breathable, and don’t slip down. Choose five out of 20 fun and neutral colors, from blue marble to taupe.

Sizes available: XS-3XL

Colors: 20

"Most comfortable ever" is a pretty bold statement, but let me explain why this pack of undies has replaced all the rest in my wardrobe. What places Thirdlove's hipsters at the top of my list are their next-level softness. Each pair is constructed out of a nylon and spandex blend, striking the perfect balance of soft, stretchy, and grippy; it's like a hug for your bum. Bonus: The buttery fabric doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and these hipsters never slip down, so I can put my trust in them whenever I'm working out, taking a walk, or heading out the door.

Seamless and breathable, these undies never dig into my skin when I'm on the go. They're also as stylish as they are comfortable, falling just below the belly button and covering a decent amount of peach. What's great about this set is that you have 20 colors to choose from. Whenever I'm wearing lighter-colored clothes, I opt for taupe, but these undies are also available in bold patterns and fun colors like Marble Blue and Sun-Kissed Peach.

Other people swear by these panties, with one Thirdlove customer calling them their new favorite undies. They say,"Absolutely love the seamless hipster underwear. It's super soft, comfortable and they're perfect for an every day underwear. Highly recommend!" Another reviewer wrote: "I’m so happy with [this] underwear, they are finally what I have been looking for! Cover a good amount of my butt, comfortable, not too high or low rise."

Whether you're looking to start anew or refresh your undergarments, this is your sign to consider Thirdlove's Seamless Hipster Bundle. Originally $80, this five-pack now retails for $45. What a steal!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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