One 65-Year-Old Shopper Calls This Derm-Approved Moisturizer the ‘Dream Cream for Mature Skin’—And the Entire Site Is 20% Off This Weekend Only

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Spring is just around the corner, and with it, longer, brighter days (finally!). While winter's cold, dry air calls for heftier hydration, warmer temps call for lighter moisturizers, oil-absorbing masks, and of course, SPF. To put it briefly, a spring cleaning is in order, and Three Ships has just the thing. If you haven't heard of Three Ships, it's a beauty brand that prioritizes more plant-based ingredients at a more affordable price point—and it truly delivers results (you'll see what we mean soon, but many 65+ shoppers have stated they have stopped using all other products in lieu of Three Ships—impressive).

The natural beauty brand—which is beloved by dermatologist and celebrities alike—happens to be celebrating its 6th birthday with a super-sale, taking 20 percent off almost its entire inventory. This includes everything you need to hit "reset" on your beauty routine, including featherlight (but long-lasting) day creams, brightening serums, replenishing treatments, lip masks, and more. There's even a few bundles marked down, like the Set Sail Discovery Kit ($15) that allows you to dip your toe into Three Ships beauty if you're not ready to make the full plunge.

There's just one catch—the sale is this weekend only. Come Sunday (March 19) at midnight, price tags go back up, which means you gotta act fast. That shouldn't be hard though, since spring is approaching faster than this sale lasts, right? Right. Spring clean your beauty routine, below.

Save 20% on spring skin care at the Three Ships Birthday Sale

Three Ships Dream Bio-Retinol + Shorea Butter Night Cream
Dream Bio-Retinol + Shorea Butter Night Cream — $28.00

Originally $35, now $28

Key ingredients: Bio-retinol, shorea butter, squalane

Wind down at night with the Dream Bio-Retinol + Shorea Butter Night Cream and wake up to a smoother, brighter complexion the next morning. Thanks to its hero ingredients (bio-retinol—a plant-based retinol that isn’t as aggressive as traditional retinols—shorea butter, and squalane), your skin is infused with hydrating, inflammation, and fine-line-fighters. Use it with the Skin Hero (keep scrolling), or by itself.

“I love my Sunday nights. I have never in 67 years exfoliated my face. Now I look forward to taking care of ME for once. It’s so gentle on my skin. I can tell the difference in just two weeks and the night lotion is glorious! I’ll never use anything else. Thank you,” one shopper writes.

Another 65+ reviewer says, “The dream cream for mature skin! It sinks in beautifully without irritation! No nightmares here- just lovely dreams!”

three ships
Skin Hero Bakuchiol + Calendula Bio-Retinol Serum — $28.00

Originally $35, now $28

Key ingredients: Bakuchiol, calendula, rosehip fruit oil

We love this bio-retinol because it gives you all the benefits of retinol (like smoothing out fine lines, leaving your complexion brighter, and fighting acne) without the bad stuff (inflammation and irritation). Formulated with bakuchiol, which works to fight redness, fine lines, and blemishes, it’s second leading star is calendula, which soothes and moisturizes skin, leaving it bouncy and rejuvenated the next day.

One 69-year-old shopper writes, “I am what all you people like to call a ‘mature skin’ woman. I had difficulty with retinal, [but] this product is gentle and effective. When I turn 70 this May I’m going to be looking great! Wonderful product that does what I wanted it to do. Reduce my fine lines, make my skin smooth, reduce dark spots, and overall make a difference in what I see when I look in the mirror.”

Dew Drops — $30.00

Originally $38, now $30

Key ingredients: tremella mushroom, kakadu plum, hyaluronic acid

After a cold, dark winter, spring into spring with dewier, lit-from-within skin with the Dew Drops serum. Aside from quenching dry, thirsty skin, it also brightens thanks to a mega-load of vitamin C from ingredients like kakadu plum and red algae extract. It’s so powerful, it earned itself a spot in Drew Barrymore’s summer skin-care routine. If it’s good enough for Drew, you know it’s the real thing.

Refresh Cleanser — $18.00

Originally $22, now $18

Key ingredients: papaya extract, aloe vera, aspen bark extract

Hitting “refresh” on your skin-care routine? Help your skin hit “refresh,” too. Enter, the Refresh Cleanser, a zesty wash that helps skin reset when it’s feeling out of whack, leaving it brighter and more protected to tackle the day ahead. That’s thanks to a heavy formulation of antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals, like UV and pollution. There’s also salicylic acid for treating breakouts and blemishes, plus glycerin, which penetrates the skin barrier for long-lasting protection.

Radiance Day Cream — $28.00

Originally $35, now $28

Key ingredients: grape stem cells, bark extract, vegan squalane

While cold air and dry heat call for a hefty moisturizer, the warmer days and time in the sun call for something a bit lighter, like the Radiance Day Cream. The fast-absorbing, airy formula reinvigorates skin without weighing it down, letting grape stem cell extract and vegan squalane protect and hydrate, respectively. There’s also a burst of bark extract which give it long-lasting moisture, so you’ll only have to apply once.

Piña Colada Lip Exfoliator — $10.00

Originally $13, now $10

Key ingredients: sugar, shea butter, avocado oil

Put down the hot cocoa and pick up a piña colada… lip mask, that is. This fruity exfoliator is the tastiest way to save your lips from dry, dead skin. Simply rub a small amount onto your lips, add some water, and gently scrub—the sugar crystals exfoliate dry skin while the infusion of shea and avocado oils deeply hydrate. Cheers to that.

Set Sail Discovery Kit — $15.00

Originally $30, now $15

Can’t decide what to buy? Try a quartet of the brand’s best-sellers and test ’em all. Each Discovery Kit includes a mini bottle of Purify Cleanser, Dew Drops Serum, Radiance Day Cream, and Glow Serum, aka, an entire skin-care routine for you to experiment with. The best part? It’s half off, discounted to just $15, the steepest mark down of the entire Birthday Sale.

Replenish Serum — $25.00

Originally $31, now $24

Key ingredients: blueberry seed oil, prickly pear oil, ceramides

No matter what season you’re in, the key to happy, healthy skin is keeping that skin barrier in tip-top shape. Which is why we love the brand’s new Replenish Serum, a barrier-boosting elixir that helps your face face the day. Aside from a whopping load of antioxidants, each batch is chock-full of ceramides, a lipid that helps quench skin while staving off external stressors. Paired with a quality moisturizer and your barrier is ready for action.

three ships rosehip mask
Soothe Clay Mask — $14.00

Originally $17, now $14

Key ingredients: French pink clay, Kaolin clay, rosehip extract

With spring and summer around the corner comes more sunshine and sweat, both of which can lead to more redness and irritation. On your particularly skin-stressing days, you’ll be glad to have this French clay mask handy. Aside from being incredibly gentle on angry skin, it’s still powerful enough to smooth fine lines, lighten dark spots, and enhance the overall appearance of skin. Your face will thank you.

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