Shoppers in Their 50s Say These Biodegradable Eye Masks De-Puff Tired Under Eyes in Minutes—And They’re Under $30

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'Tis the season for exhaustion, with heavy eye bags to match. Between traveling home for the holidays, hosting friends and family, and ticking off your shopping list, the holidays are... a lot. Even though it's not even Thanksgiving yet, our faces are already doing a bad job hiding the festivity-induced fatigue.

Thankfully, Three Ships' new eye masks are here to get you through the next few weeks. The Brighter Days Biodegradable Eye Masks ($29) are a must for faking a full eight hours of rest in a pinch. They're so powerful, shoppers in their 50s and 60s claim they de-puff dark under eyes in just *one* use. We can confirm, as well—they really work. After testing ourselves for several (stressful) weeks, we're incredibly impressed by how well these make puffy eyes and dark circles vanish.

These cool-to-the-touch gel patches are infused with all sorts of goodness that sleepy under-eyes slurp up in 10 minutes flat (aka, by the time you finish your coffee). For starters, there's avocado extract, a rich emollient that hydrates skin while delivering a burst of antioxidants that help lighten pesky dark circles.

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Then, there's glycerin, which penetrates deep into crepe-y skin to re-plump it and give you that "I swear I wasn't up until 3 a.m. scouring Black Friday deals" look you've been missing all season long. But the star of the show has to be the antioxidant-rich red algae extract, which not only brightens under-eyes but also makes the masks totally biodegradable—a win for your skin and the environment. Unlike sheet masks and eye gels that end up in the trash, Three Ships' Brighter Days Eye Masks dissolve in water, keeping one less beauty product out of landfills. Talk about a holiday miracle.

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Like we said, they really work—on all different skin types at that. All of Three Ships' products are plant-based and natural, specifically formulated to be friendly and gentle on sensitive skin while still being efficacious. A quick scroll through the reviews shows just how efficacious they really are, rejuvenating sleepy under-eye circles instantly.

One reviewer who is between the ages of 56-65 writes that her eyes were, "less puffy and smooth with very little darkness," in, "just one use." Another in the same age bracket writes: "So far, the experience has been great! I have extremely dry, sensitive eyes and the eye masks are like a cooling, regenerative potion!"

The reviews go on and on, for all ages and skin concerns:

  • "Tested these under eye masks and loved the cooling feeling. My under eye area looked brighter & smoother after use. Also love that they are biodegradable! Look forward to using in the future as part of my skin care routine," — Stephanie S., age 46-55
  • "Working night shifts, I use this when I wake up and see a noticeable difference and feel more awake. My perfect routine consists of applying the mask, wait 20 mins while enjoying a cup of coffee. Great start to my day post nights!" — Kirsten, age 26-35
  • "They are cooling and comfortable. Pretty sure my face thanked me after," — Tamara P., age 36-45
  • "I love these! I keep them in the fridge and apply them every morning. They take away any under eye puffiness and leave my skin feeling hydrated. Highly recommend," — Kellu H., age 46-55
  • "I've been looking for an environmentally friendly alternate to single-use eye masks and this is the one! My under-eye felt softer and looked less puffy almost immediately after use. The real perk is being able to watch them disintegrate in water..." — Larissa, age 26-35

Each jar includes 60 patches, aka, 30 sets, which is more than enough to get you through the holiday madness. And there's no portioning out or rubbing in product—Three Ships does the work for you by pre-portioning out the masks, saving you more precious time around the holidays. Just pick two out, slap 'em on, and relish in the cooling sensation. You can even wear 'em while you browse (more) Black Friday sales or whip the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner, they're seriously so convenient.

There's already so much to stress about this time of year, and your eye circles shouldn't be one of them. Buy a jar of Three Ships Brighter Days Biodegradable Eye Masks here to send those under-eye bags packing.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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