This Moisturizer Feels ‘Just As Thick and Rich As La Mer’ for a Tenth of the Price

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As a longtime beauty editor, I'm all too aware that the hunt for the perfect moisturizer can be elusive—and seasonal. What works in the wintertime might be too thick and goopy in the summertime. What feels perfectly hydrating and plumping in the summer might leave your skin feeling extra dry come autumn. Need you feel as though you finally have found something that works with your skin consistently, your hormones will fluctuate and leave you in need of something new altogether.

Which brings me to the Three Ships Firm Believer Goji Stem Cell + Pomegranate Smoothing Neck + Face Cream ($42)

Entering the coldest and most brutal months of the year as someone with dry, rosacea-prone skin, I’ve been looking for an ultra-rich texture moisturizer that can not only deeply moisturize my skin but also help me to see noticeable in terms of texture and tone. As I consistently used this moisturizer, my skin consistently started looking brighter, tighter, and more elastic. Here’s why.

The Ingredients

The Firm Believer Moisturizer has a trio of active ingredients that, blended together, help to improve the elasticity and strength of the skin. While most of the world has become savvy with ingredients like retinol, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid, there are naturally sourced actives that are just as effective as their buzzier counterparts.

1. Pomegranate Extract An ultra-potent antioxidant, pomegranate extract is part of the active cocktail in this moisturizer. It neutralizes free radicals and also acts as a hydrator. Because Three Ships aims to be as sustainable of a company as possible, the pomegranate extract in this specific formula is upcycled from the juicing industry rather than wasted and sent to a landfill.

2. Edelweiss Stem Cells

Scientists continually look to plants that thrive in extreme climates and conditions, which need to perform in the harsh, cold reality of everyday life, as a place for inspiration for skin care. The edelweiss flower grows above a mile-high altitude, starting at 5,900 feet. Its leaves look like they’re made of felt, with little string-like fibers acting as a shield from the cold wind and UV radiation. This formula taps sustainably sourced stem cells from the plant to help boost the skin’s elasticity and thickness, which in turn improves the appearance of fine lines.

3. Goji Berry Stem Cells

Last but not least, the goji berry stem cells in this formula have been studied to prevent something called glycation—a process that occurs when sugar molecules can adhere to lipids in our skin, causing collagen to break down, which in turn makes skin sag.

The Feel and Application

If you’re looking for a heavyweight moisturizer, this one fits the bill. “This cream was specifically formulated with the delicate skin on our necks in mind. This area possesses less collagen, making it much more susceptible to sagging and stretching over time,” says Krystin Seiver, a licensed master esthetician and the sales and education manager at Three Ships Beauty. “Firm Believer packs multiple clinically proven ingredients and is formulated to deliver noticeable improvements to support the natural aging process.”

There are immediate and longer-term effects of using the moisturizer daily. In the short term, the moisturizer helps to hydrate your skin deeply and feels as thick and rich as La Mer. In the long term, the ingredients all jump into action and work to firm up your skin. One user of the cream said, “I enjoyed applying this product to my neck. It made me realize I had largely ignored my neck in my day-to-day cleaning and moisturizing routine. I noticed the difference in the dryness and saggy skin as it started to feel and look firmer.”

To apply, a single pump from the jar is the exact dose you need to slather on your neck and face, both morning and night. Seiver says those with extra dry skin should try adding a drop or two of rosehip oil to the formula to help better moisturize their skin. “If you love tools, like gua sha, this is a great combination for your practice,” she adds. “Just always make sure you have enough product to avoid tugging.”

Daily use should help to tighten and firm the skin and diminish sagging—but don’t call it anti-aging, which, according to Seiver, you’ll never hear the brand preach. Instead, Three Ships’s take on aging feels refreshingly positive. “We believe that aging is a gift and a privilege—not a ‘problem’ to be fixed,” says Seiver. “We believe in providing our customers with mindful formulations that bring out the best in their skin at every age and help them to achieve the results they are looking for naturally.”


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