Have a Hard Time Speaking Your Truth? These 6 Throat Chakra Stones Could Help

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If you have difficulty expressing yourself or speaking your truth, an energy healer is likely to say that your throat chakra is a bit out of whack. And luckily, they might add, there’s a crystal that could help with that. Actually, there are many crystals that could help.

For many people, crystals are one of those just-for-fun parts of their self-care routine (seeing as gemstones' effectiveness at being anything more than pretty is not exactly backed by scientific research). But others count on the healing stones for better sleep, inner strength, to help quell anxiety, attract abundance, and of course, to balance their chakras. If you’re unfamiliar with the chakras, here’s a little summary: According to the Vedas, the earliest Sanskrit literary records and the most ancient scriptures of Hinduism, our energetic bodies have seven main chakras that run along the base of the spine to the top of the head, says Serena Poon, a certified reiki master.

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Mariah K. Lyons, a crystal healer, reiki master, and founder of ASTARA, adds that each chakra governs different principles of consciousness and vitality of life force. The throat chakra is the fifth chakra and is located—big surprise!—on your throat and neck area. It’s all about communication, self-expression, speaking your truth, and being authentic, says Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse.

An unbalanced throat chakra can manifest itself through both physical and non-physical symptoms. Physically, it can look like a stiff neck and shoulders, thyroid disorders, speech disorders, or hearing problems, Lyons says. Non-physical signs of an unbalanced chakra include fear of speaking, social anxiety, shyness, and the inability to express your thoughts, Poon says.

How to use your throat chakra stones

Despite the name, you don't need to place throat chakra stones directly on your neck in order to reap the benefits. The easiest way to tap into the energy of your crystals is to simply carry them around with you and hold them, Askinosie says. This is especially useful when you need to have an important conversation with someone or plan on doing any kind of public speaking.

Faith Davis, writer for the crystal distributor Cosmic Cuts says, says surrounding yourself with the crystals can also help balance your fifth chakra. “Keep a large stone near you in a place where you spend a lot of time, such as on your desk,” she says.

If you do want to keep your throat chakra stones close to the chakra itself, you can wear them as a necklace, Poon says.(Feeling crafty? Here’s how to make your own chakra necklace.) Or, Lyons recommends placing them on your lips, throat, and upper chest as you meditate. This will help bring awareness and balance the frequency of the throat chakra. “In meditation, visualize the stone’s vibration gently emanating into the throat and beginning to swirl bright blue,” she says. “Imagine the blue gently spinning and getting brighter and brighter."

Which crystals help to balance your throat chakra?

Because blue is the color that’s associated with the throat chakra, generally speaking, any blue crystal can help bring some balance to that area, Askinosie says. So if you’re in a pinch, head to your nearest crystal shop and pick up the prettiest blue stone that catches your eye. Or, you can opt for one of these six expert-recommended stones.

1. Sodalite

If you find yourself in a constant loop of negative thought patterns, consider blue sodalite your new BFF. “Blue sodalite brings us harmony and tranquility in our communications and settles our negative thoughts,” says Davis says. “It also helps us to better understand ourselves so that we can express ourselves authentically.”

“This crystal helps you speak your mind in a way that others will understand,” Askinosie agrees. “It has a calming, confidence-boosting energy that gives you the strength and comfortability to say what you need to say without fear or hesitation.” Poon adds that some believe it can also help heal physical symptoms that affect the throat, larynx, and vocal cords.

2. Lapis lazuli

“Lapis lazuli is the ideal stone for self-discovery because it helps us get to the truth of who we are,” Davis says. “It deepens our awareness, reveals to us our purpose, and inspires us to seek the knowledge that will make us a better version of ourselves.”

The deep-blue stone is also great if you have trouble hearing your inner wisdom. “It helps you to trust yourself, but also to understand the power of your words and the impact that your words can have on others,” Askinosie says. “With this wise understanding, you can communicate more consciously.”

3. Blue apatite

Expressing yourself fully is no easy feat, but popping a chunk of blue apatite in your pocket might make it easier. “Blue apatite is a stone of inspiration, and it inspires you to be yourself,” Askinosie says. “There’s no reason to hide your truth from the world, and blue apatite sparks your excitement to express yourself fully.”Poon also recommends this crystal and says it helps with public speaking and enhancing group communication.

4. Aquamarine

Do you have a habit of overthinking what you’re going to say? This soothing gemstone is just what you need. “Associated with water, aquamarine has a very fluid and easy going energy to it,” Askinosie says. “This crystal helps you stay present and be flexible when communicating with others. Rather than getting fixed or attached to how a conversation should go, aquamarine washes any stress or tension from your mind and helps you to go with the flow.”

Aquamarine is also a stone of empowerment so it’s great if you need help unleashing your inner Beyoncé. “It helps us to exhibit power without force,” Davis says. “That is something that is always useful when expressing ourselves and working with the throat chakra.”

5. Kyanite

If the idea of putting yourself out there makes you break out in a cold sweat, reach for a piece of kyanite to help you bust through that resistance. “It helps one to fully step into their power of expression, own their true essence, and stand in their truth on their unique path,” Lyons says.

6. Blue lace agate

This dreamy, light blue crystal is all about easing stress and tension. “Blue lace agate helps calm your nerves or worries before sharing your authentic self with the world,” Askinosie says. So if you’re feeling nervous to say something, it’ll give you a little boost of zen that you need so you can show up as your true self.

Now that you've gotten to understand your fifth chakra a bit better, dive deeper on your fourth (heart) and sixth (third eye)

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