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I Got the Thuma Bed Frame You’ve Seen All Over Instagram, and I Put It Together Myself as a 5′ 2″ Woman—Here’s My Review

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After moving from New York to Los Angeles, my apartment was in need of lots of furniture—like, practically all of it, since I decided to sell mostly everything back in NYC and start over. When it came to choose a bed, I knew I wanted something simple, sleek, and easy to put together. So when I kept getting served ads for that wood bed you’ve probably seen all over Instagram, I thought: Why not? Here’s my no B.S. Thuma bed frame review.

First off, for anyone who’s algorithm isn’t as hyperfocused on furniture as mine, the Thuma bed advertises itself as "the perfect platform bed," and requires no tools to assemble as all the pieces fit together via Japanese-style design. I got a full-sized frame in walnut with the optional PillowBoard (essentially a cushioned headboard) in light linen.

The bed arrived in three long boxes, and my package carrier apparently thought I'd love the extra steps and cardio to haul them up a flight of stairs, since they left them on the ground floor of my apartment complex instead of leaving them at my door on the second floor. How sweet. I grabbed two of the boxes with relative ease—I'm 5 feet 2 inches tall with little-to-no upper body strength, but when given a task, I can summon some serious muscle for my size. These, however, really didn't need superhero biceps, though. The third box, however, was a different story—and in the end, I opened it up and hauled pieces of the bed to my apartment sans box.

Once the items were all safely in my unit, it was time to get to work. Following the instructions, you line up the sides of the bed where you'd like them to be, and then they fit together without hardware, like a jigsaw puzzle. There's one big screw for a middle slat, and then you top it with bed slats to support your mattress—no box spring needed.

When I say it took me all of 20 minutes to put this bed together (after getting every piece out of the box), that may even be a bit of an exaggeration. It was so easy, and I didn't have to keep looking back at the instructions every time I did something—once you did one corner, it's the same process for the other three, so you're off to the races. The PillowBoard just wedges between the wall and frame, so it doesn't require any time at all to put together. I've been sleeping on this frame for three months now, and it is awesome. I literally can't recommend this bed enough—it's especially perfect for solo peeps since you can put it together yourself, those in small apartments (the boxes are thin and can maneuver easily), and those who move around a lot (it has one piece of hardware and can pack up easily). Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty and you get to try it for 100 nights with no strings attached.

The only note of concern is the heaviness of one of the boxes, but if you have a friend who can help get it to your door (or a carrier who actually delivers it to the door), you should be absolutely fine. Or just do like I did and open it wherever it is, taking the pieces with you to your room. Lastly, if you'd like a sturdier headboard, the PillowBoard may be something you skip—it's super comfy and great for pillow layering, but since it doesn't attach to the frame, it's not great for those who don't have it wedged against a wall firmly.

All in all, I'd say—thank you, ads, for serving me well. This is a product I would buy again (but hopefully won't need to).

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