The Nifty Way to Transform Your Old Tanks and T-Shirts Into the ‘It’ Workout Top of the Moment

Photo: Stocksy/Clique Images
I like to think of my tank collection as a scrapbook of sweaty workouts past. In my closet, you'll find a legit mountain of tops from 10Ks, high school volleyball tournaments, and—yes—mammoth athleticwear names like Lululemon, Athleta, and Adidas. Marie Kondo-ing my T-shirts isn't an option (sorry not sorry), so to give some of the—let's say, "shabbier"—garments a glow-up, I've designed a system known as the "slit and tie."

Please allow me to explain. If you, like me, enjoy window shopping some of the higher-ticket sportswear companies of today, then you know that tanks and shirts that tie off at the waist are a thing right now (exhibits A and B). You also know that that, well, that ish ain't cheap—and you just might end up dropping $60 on not that much fabric for the sake of #fashion.

If you're treating yourself to a fresh outfit that will re-inspire your workouts, then more power to you. (Go! Shop! Sweat!) If your athleticwear drawer is keeping you from staying within your monthly budget, however, consider the slit-and-tie your way to make everything that's old in your closet new again. It goes like this:

How to make your own tie front tank tops

  1. Select the tank you want to makeover and grab a pair of scissors.
  2. Cut a 5-8 inch slit in the right side, left side, front, or back of the tank top. (Note: Your slit will be longer or shorter depending on your body, desired tie, and how much crop you want to go for. If you want your knot to have little bunny ears, for example, you'll need to cut with a little more abandon.)
  3. Grab each side of the fabric and tie it together in a knot, bow, or hybrid. Adjust to your liking and you're ready to go.

Just like that, you've transformed your old, torn-up "Gryffindor" sweatshirt or concert tee into a fresh ensemble to HIIT, run, lift, or downward dog in—and it costed you zero dollars and zero cents.

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