Tinx and Hers Are Teaming Up To Destigmatize Women’s Hair Loss

Photo: Getty Images/ by Michael Kovac
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Nearly 50 percent of women will deal with hair loss at some point throughout their lives, but until recently, it wasn't something that was talked about. For so long, women shed in silence, and their treatment options were limited to whatever they could find in the men's shampoo aisle. Thankfully, that's started to change. Not only are there newer, better products out there that specifically cater to women's needs, but there are also so many people working to bring the conversation to the forefront.

One of those people is Christina "Tinx" Najjar, a content creator who's come to be known as TikTok's big sister. Over the last few years, she's used her platform to share her unfiltered thoughts about dating and mental health, and now, she's doing the same for hair loss.

"When I was in high school, I started to lose my hair, and I was really self-conscious about it because I felt like it was something that was only supposed to affect older men, not young women," Najjar says in a recent TikTok video. "So for a long time, I was kind of in denial, even though my ponytail was getting smaller and smaller and even though I could see so much of my scalp when I pulled my hair to the side."

Tinx began using Hers' topical drops to combat her hair loss, then switched to oral minoxidil (which she supplements with the brand's shampoos and conditioners), and says she loves the ease and accessibility that the brand's course of treatment offers. "They make it so convenient," she says. "A licensed medical professional will help you determine what is right for you, and then your treatment will be shipped right to your door."

Now, she's partnered with the brand for the launch of its new suite of products, Hers Hair Blends. These new "blends" combine prescription-grade actives, like minoxidil and finasteride, with nutrients known to support healthy hair, like biotin, vitamin C, B5, and B6, zinc, and selenium, and make them available in oral and topical formats so that everyone can find a product that fits easily into their lifestyle.

“This is really about bridging the gap between beauty and the pharmacy,” Hilary Coles, co-founder of Hims & Hers and Senior Vice President of brand and innovation, said in a press release. "Customers have shared with us that they feel as if they are left to research solutions on their own—and what they are often finding is not meeting their goals... We’re stepping in to fill that gap with Hers, by providing women with access to tailored treatments that can be prescribed to address each individual’s unique needs, hair type, lifestyle, and goals.”

For Tinx, finding what works for her means trading her usual minoxidil pill for the new prescription Minoxidil + Biotin Chew from the Hers Hair Blends line. The lemon-flavored tablet pairs tried-and-true minoxidil (which increases blood flow to the scalp to bring oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle) with biotin (which boosts keratin production in hair and stimulates follicle growth, if you're deficient in biotin) to promote strong, healthy hair, and stave off shedding.

Of course, in classic Tinx fashion, she's going shout about this tasty new swap from the (TikTok) rooftops. "Partnering with Hers felt like a good fit because they're genuinely passionate about destigmatizing things that are so important to women, such as hair loss, and this felt like a true brand alignment for me—I want my followers to feel entertained, informed, and supported, and partnering with Hers felt right," she tells Well+Good. "... I'm so glad that I'm at a point in my career where I'm confident enough to speak about this to predominantly young women out there, because I know it's a sensitive subject. I've been there, I am there, I still deal with it."

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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