Tom Brady Wants to Show up on Your Doorstep With Dinner (Kind of)

Photo: Facebook/Tom Brady
When it comes to food, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are nothing if not generous with advice. They've shared their vegan favorites for every mood, location, and occasion—from tropical vacations and holiday parties to snack-time cravings. And now Tom Brady is getting that. much. closer to just ringing your bell and handing you a plate himself.

The star quarterback is teaming up with vegan delivery brand Purple Carrot for TB12 Performance Meals, a three-times-per-week service that includes fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and directions to create simple, but delicious, plant-based meals.

"So many times people ask me, 'What do you do?' Well this is one of the answers."

Made without gluten, dairy, eggs, seafood, meat, or processed foods, the meals—which range from crispy turnip cakes with tabbouleh and white lentil risotto with roasted veggies to ramen with gingered greens and broccolini—are high in protein and limit the use of soy and any refined sugars. (And may or may not guarantee a Super Bowl win, TBH.)

Photo: TB12
Photo: TB12

"I am so excited to introduce our first TB12 Performance Meals that deliver right to your door!" the sleep-oriented athlete wrote on Instagram. "So many times people ask me, 'What do you do?' Well this is one of the answers! Our bodies are our temples and you get out of it what you put into it."

Each week includes three dinners with two servings for $78—which clocks in at $13 a plate—and the service is now available for pre-order online, with the first box shipping out the first week of April.

And since no dessert is built into the plan (yet), maybe these Tom-and-Gisele treats will do the trick?

Can't wait for this meal delivery service to hit the scene? Try one of these super-healthy alternatives. Or whip up your own mermaid toast—the Instagrammable breakfast of the moment.

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