5 Desserts That Are Tom & Gisele-Approved

Photo: Facebook/Tom Brady

There's not much Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen can do that won't attract national attention.

Spill on their everyday diets? News outlets spread it like wildfire. Release a $200 cookbook? Outrage ensues. Family vacation in Costa Rica? Photos hit the web before they've even had time to dust off the sand.

That's why when Brady posted an update on Facebook about his desserts earlier this week, you can bet people responded.

"I turn my back for one second and Fluffy's in the freezer...At least she didn't get into the avocado ice cream!" Brady wrote alongside a photo featuring a freezer filled with Yasso ice cream bars.

While some people are speculating that this may have been a sponsored post, considering the family's famously plant-based diet—although it is off-season—the photo is proof that Brady does in fact stock up on his famous avocado ice cream.

And although the family does eat incredibly healthy, they're never one to pass up dessert—especially if it's raw or vegan. We've rounded up all of the deliciously healthy desserts that the duo has been known to splurge on.

Scroll down to see the Brady-Bündchen clan's favorite desserts.

Photo: Facebook/Tom Brady

Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

The yogurt bars that started it all. Although his avocado ice cream is in plain sight, Brady swears these are "the best!" And even if he isn't ripping them open on the reg, the football star's kids seem to be enjoying them.

Photo: Joanna Gerrard Young

Coconut Mango Cream Pie

While most people use their vacation time to splurge on their favorite treats, the superstar couple treats themselves to even fresher raw ingredients. Joanne Gerrard Young, their Costa Rican vacation chef, exclusively shared with us their favorite getaway treat—coconut mango cream pie.

Photo: Facebook/Tom Brady

Avocado Ice Cream

When Brady released his limited-edition $200 cookbook earlier this year, buyers lined up not just for the recipes, but for the experience of eating like the plant-powered couple (plus, the hefty price comes with regular updates in the form of new recipes). One of Brady's favorites? The avocado ice cream. And while Brady just teased a photo of the recipe—actual directions blurred out—maybe this mint chocolate chip nice cream can be a temporary stand-in?

Photo: Facebook/Tom Brady

Unreal Candy

Brady's love for Boston goes far beyond the football field it seems. Back in October, the quarterback posted a video of himself wearing an "Unreal mask" and supporting the Boston-based, all-natural-ingredient candy company just in time for Halloween.

Photo: Joanna Gerrard Young

Coconut Strawberry Parfait

Another vacation treat? The delicious (and raw, obviously) parfait that Young shared with Boston.com earlier this year. Filled with coconut, fresh strawberries, cacao, and maple syrup, the Coast Rica-based chef says this is one of Bündchen's absolute favorite desserts—and we don't blame her.

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