You Can Now Get Tone It up Products at Target

Photo: Instagram/@toneitup
Target has found its (pretty simple) winning formula: Find something that's beloved but relatively hard to get your hands on and bring it to the masses. The store has already tried the method on Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia home wares with Hearth & Hand and on clean beauty, and now, on a line from fitness community creators Tone It Up (AKA Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott).

The duo who (accidentally) created a gargantuan online fitness community that gifts fitness fanatics killer workouts is now selling Tone It Up wares at Target. The collection includes everything short of the workout clothes that you need in order to squeeze in your next sweat sesh: a yoga mat, resistance bands, and even plant-based protein powders and meal-prep lunch boxes. And since Target can be counted on to make affordability dreams come true, the most expensive product caps out at $40. So, grab your equipment, and get online for a digitally powered sweat sesh.

Snag your very own Tone It Up products from Target, below.

The Tone It Up women also have four pieces of advice that will make your workouts smarter and HIIT workouts you can do when you're crunched for time and space

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