9 Game-Changing Facial Toners for Acne-Prone Skin

Photo: Stocksy/Leandro Crespi

When a pimple pops up, you have a few tricks up your sleeve like spot treatments and power serums to fight that sucker. But it turns out that your toner can actually play a key role in keeping blemishes at arms distance. Think of it this way: Just as you work to tone your body, making it stronger, your toner, ahem, strengthens skin by delivering targeted ingredients to your complexion.

"Toners tend to be soothing, hydrating, pore cleansing, and even healing," says Robert Anolik, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. "If you have acne-prone skin, the pore-cleansing options are optimal." It's like a potion that delivers pimple-clearing nutrients in a flash.

Though in the past, the post-cleansing, pre-serum skin-care essential could dry and irritate skin (because it had large amounts of alcohol in the formula) toners these days are formulated to support your skin, rather than strip it. In the case of acne-fighting toners, look for pore-clearing ingredients like acids. "Look for alpha and/or beta hydroxy acids," says Dr. Anolik. "In the category of AHAs, ingredients like glycolic acid are helpful. For beta, look for salicylic acid."

He notes that tea tree oil and eucalyptus can also be helpful for improving acne. Bring on the botanicals.

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