This Viral Tooth Paint Is Basically Makeup for Your Teeth—Here’s What a Dentist Wants You To Know Before Trying It

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When I first came across CHRŌM Toothpolish—a paint that allows you to temporarily change the color of your teeth—I was genuinely shocked. You can choose a natural shade to whiten your smile, or spice things up with bold colors and glitter. As...interesting as this sounds, the most important thing to know about Toothpolish is whether or not it's safe. And according to Keith Arbeitman, DDS, a dentist in New York City and founder of SymplBrush, the answer is likely "yes."

"The website comes up a bit short on safety data, but the ingredients seem fairly low risk from what I can see," says Dr. Arbeitman. "While they claim that it's safe on restorations like crowns, veneers, and bonding, I'd urge caution for anyone placing a product like this over dental work. The surface texture of restorations, particularly older ones, can have various imperfections that might make it harder to remove the polish when you're ready to."

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But, it might not be something you want to use all the time. He says it's unclear if this can impact your teeth over time as there is no clinical data available about its safety. "As a dentist, I can't recommend products that don't have some level of clinical data that supports safety," he says.

As long as your teeth are in good shape, he says you should be okay using it. "If you have poorly done or failing dental work, as well as sensitive or bleeding gums, you should avoid using the product," says Dr. Arbeitman. Just be sure to test it out before fully diving in. "Ahead of painting this material across all of your teeth, this seems like the kind of product you probably want to test in an area of your mouth that's less visible to make sure you're not allergic or at risk of some unusual reaction," he says.

Using CHRŌM Toothpolish

Applying ToothPolish is relatively simple. Start by shaking the bottle and then drying your teeth, as they must be completely dry for Toothpolish to stick. To do this, the brand recommends tucking cotton rolls between your gums to keep your mouth open and then wiping your teeth with cloth, tissue, or gauze. Next, paint on the polish in thin layers, waiting at least 10 seconds between layers to allow them to dry. You can use a toothpick to remove excess polish from your gums and gaps, and then you're ready to go.

From here, you can keep it on for the day. It will last while drinking and eating soft foods. If you plan to eat, the brand recommends "taking Toothpolish with you to reapply after some meals, just like you do with lipstick."

When you're ready to remove it, you use a clean fingernail to chip off the polish and then brush and floss your teeth to remove excess flakes. This part sounds a little dicey, but Dr. Arbeitman says this likely won't cause any damage as Toothpolish is "probably not bonding to your tooth."

Toothpolish is a great way to temporarily change the shade of your teeth. You can use one of the two white shades to make your teeth look brighter, or try one of the bolder tones to add a pop of color or sparkle to your smile. It's available in solid shades (pink, lime, and baby blue); metallics (copper, gold, and platinum); and glitter (gold, silver, and a multicolor blend of pink and blue).

If you want to switch up your smile for a few hours (and if you don't fall into any of the categories who people who shouldn't use it), Dr. Arbeitman says CHRŌM Toothpolish could be a good option. "Seems like a great way to stand out from the crowd—maybe to complement an outfit," he says. "I could even see sports or work teams painting their teeth the same color as a sign of unity. It certainly seems like a unique way to express yourself."

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