9 Nourishing Hair Oils to Bring Back the Shine to Your Strands

Photo: Stocksy/Paff

Shampoo and conditioner are great and all, but sometimes the ole rinse and repeat can still leave your strands high and dry (especially if you partake too much). Just like you treat your skin to at-home spa treatments by way of face masks, so too do your strands deserve some specialized TLC—which you can easily deliver via a hair oil.

It may sound counterintuitive to slather an oil onto your hair (since oily hair is why you wash and all), but the right ones can actually restore and rejuvenate tired tips that are looking for a reason to split and some can even help clarify at the roots for a better scalp environment.

Try using a clarifying treatment with ingredients such as grapefruit and lemon at the roots pre-shampoo, massaging the formula in while you do your thing, and then, rinse through. Or alternatively, run a strengthening treatment with avocado and jojoba or a protective treatment with hibiscus through your lengths for some quick shine and frizz control. Voila—it's a DIY beauty elixir you can use in multiple ways. Good hair days ahead.

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