How to Pack for Your Next Vacation Like Tory Burch

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When it comes to the aspirational fit-girl life, Tory Burch is pretty next level. From her personal healthy pursuits, like tennis, to her high-end activewear line Tory Sport, the designer could teach a master class on living well.

Unsurprisingly, Burch also travels in a put-together, glamorous fashion. So, who better to turn to for savvy, wellness-minded, globetrotting tips? For starters, she doesn’t usually do a ton of prep before jetting off: “I tend not to shop for vacations; I buy things that I like when I see them, pieces that are timeless and will generally work when I need them,” she says.

Learning to maximize your minimalist wardrobe, might be the designer's best advice—but that's not the only hack she has up her well-tailored sleeve. 

Scroll down to see Tory Burch's tips for traveling in style—including how to fit in your work outs while you're OOO.

Packing hack: I like to travel as light as possible, but that being said, I definitely like to have options. I learned to pack from my parents—they always used tissue paper; you don’t need anything to be pressed when you arrive.

Vacation style vibe: I like a mix of classic clothing and a few interesting pieces. Nothing too complicated!

Essential summer wardrobe: I love track pants with an oversized cashmere sweater. A caftan is always easy on vacation, and I love a rash guard with a bikini bottom because it protects me from the sun.

Travel essentials: A cashmere wrap for the plane, rosewater facial spray, and a travel pillow.

Go-to globetrotting workout tool: Music—for me, it’s [a must]. I recently collaborated with Apple Music on playlists—they're eclectic, which I love.

How to squeeze in a sweat session on the road: I try to make time to work out—even if it’s for 20 minutes on an elliptical or treadmill. When I’m with my family, we play tennis, swim, and hike. As a mother of three boys, you can imagine we need to be active.

While you consider your next adventure, here's why making it a solo one is such an awesome idea. Maybe mull it over while trying Karlie Kloss' travel breakfast of choice for extra inspo. 

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