Put Your Muscles to the Test With This Total Body Strength Workout

Welcome to your 11th workout of our ReNew Year Movement Program with Ashley Joi. Through the end of this month, Joi is leading us through a daily movement program that will help you reset your mind and body—with nothing more than a mat. Get the Program

The best part about setting reasonable and attainable goals at the start of a new year is that you are more likely to knock them out of the park—without sweating the small stuff. As you cross the finish line on our ReNew Year Movement Program, remember that your motivation doesn’t stop when the program ends. All of the tips and tricks you learned from these workouts are always in your back pocket for you to whip out if you're ever feeling low vibe. As Joi puts it, we are giving you all the tools you need to build the best version of yourself.

As you've moved through this program, you've probably noticed that these workouts don’t get any easier—you just get better. And today’s 8-minute total-body strength workout serves as proof. It may be a toughie, but you're ready for it, because you've been building up the strength you need to conquer it all month long. And if that is little voice in the back of your head ever tells you to stop, Joi has some words of wisdom to get you through: “Be determined to finish as strong as you started.” Press play on the video above to follow along with her—we promise, you can do it.

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The 8-minute full-body workout to try now

1. High knees: This is the perfect move to bring the heat to those muscles and ensure that you're nice and warm for the rest of this workout. Run or step your knees up to your chest using your arms to pick up the pace, while keeping your core engaged for stability.

2. Lateral bound jump to burpee: Get ready to move up, down, and all around with this total-body killer. Starting at the top of your mat facing sideways, leap across until you reach the other side. Next, burpee time: place your hands down on the mat, hop your legs back behind you into a plank position, then jump them back up toward your hands and finish off the move with a jump up towards the sky (to make things lower impact, simply replace the jumping portions of the move with some steps). Get ready to start the sequence over again with your lateral bound jump back to the top of your mat.

3. Reverse lunge to squat: Now that your legs are warm (thanks, burpees!) take one leg back at a time for a reverse lunge, making sure your front knee tracks right over your second or third toe. Before you reverse lunge on your other leg, hit a squat, or—if you’re feeling extra spicy—a squat jump. Then repeat on the other side.

4. Push-up to side plank: Push-ups are the ultimate full-body burner, so let's get to it. With your hands on the ground slightly wider than your shoulders and your feet straight back behind you and your core and glutes engaged, bring your chest down to the ground and up again. Once you’re up, take it over to your side plank. Feel free to modify by taking the series on your knees.

5. Spider split lunges: If this is a new move to you, jump lunges + planks = spider split lunges. From a high plank, hop one foot up to your hands, lunge style, then jump and switch. As always, nix the jump for your low-impact modification.

6. Runner sit-ups: Let’s give those shoulders a break and flip over onto your butt to work those abs. Using your core for stability, sit up and bring your right elbow to your left knee. With control, lower yourself back down before you sit up again—this time bringing your left elbow to meet your right knee.

7. Bridge to Knee Drive: Glutes time! Bring your hips up into a bridge position, with your upper body pressed into the ground and your legs bent out in front of you. Keeping your tush engaged and lifted the whole time, drive one knee into your chest and then the other.

8. Knee Drive to pulse: Come back to standing for a strong finish. In a staggered stance, drive one knee up four times, then bring that knee back behind you for a reverse lunge, pulsing it down towards the ground four times. Keep alternating sides until the timer is up.

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