The Cult-Favorite Hand Sanitizer That Sells Every 90 Seconds Just Got a Makeover

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If the past year and a half taught us anything, it's that hand sanitizer is cool. Gone are the days of complaining about lathering up with the germ-killing gel—coronavirus put hand sanitizer on the map, making it the must-have accessory for everyday life. And now, with cases of the Delta variant steadily rising across the country, it doesn't look like hand sanitizer is going out of vogue any time soon.

Before you go running to grab a new bottle of hand sani that makes your eyes water, however, hit the pause button. Touchland, the trendiest purveyor of hand sanitizers IMO, just relaunched its line of cult-favorite Power Mists along with five new scents, and now's your time to stock up.

If you're not familiar with the brand, let me put it this way—Touchland did hand sanitizer before it was cool. Its line of misty, sanitizing sprays originally launched in Barcelona over a decade ago, but didn't hit U.S. shelves until 2017. Two years later, and our beauty editors fell in love with the candy-colored gadgets, converting nearly the whole W+G office into deeply passionate "hand sanitizer people."

Now, Touchland has announced a relaunch of its original Power Mists, as well as five brand new incredible scents. Developed in partnership with fragrance house Givaudan (the name behind big-time fragrances, like Vera Wang, Balmain, and Elizabeth Arden), Touchland's iconic Power Mists have gotten a sexy new facelift. Expect all the same goodness of the original hand sanitizers—rainbow packaging, hydrating ingredients, no weird, sticky residue left behind—just with elevated scent reformulations. Yum.

Touchland Power Mist in "Applelicious" — $9.00

As for the five new scents, well, they’re absolutely dreamy. Now, there’s blue sandalwood, velvet peach,applelicious” aka green apple, lemon lime spritz, and rainwater to add into your hand sanitizing repertoire. Like the OGs, they’re all color-coordinated to match their names, so that blue sandalwood comes in a deep, indigo case, while the velvet peach’s package resembles the orange, fuzzy fruit.

The launch coincides with the brand's first ad campaign, which trades in its clean, sleek image for something quite a bit edgier. Set to run on social media and paid advertising platforms, the campaign's imagery and video looks like something straight out of a Bushwick warehouse party. It's paired with the slogan, "Touch like the before"—a nod to pre-pandemic life, where we could kiss strangers, share drinks, and stand within mere inches of each other sans mask.

"We are thrilled to see Touchland evolve and become a more dominant player in the beauty space, leveraging our distinctive Power Mist to carry the brand into a new era of rebelliousness for touch lovers like us,” said CEO and founder, Andrea Lisbona, in a release.  “As we are all learning how to navigate a post-COVID world, our relaunch comes at a time when the desire to touch is higher than ever. We want to empower people to have a good time, without being reckless.”

While we might not be going to any Brooklyn warehouse parties or raves any time soon, Touchland makes us feel safer and trendier (not to mention smelling divine.) You can snag any of the scents for $9 online right now, but we recommend bundling up with a pack of five or 10—these sell every 90 seconds, so supplies won't last long. Stock up now and see for yourself that, yes, the Touchland Power Mist is way worth the hype.

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