Exclusive: Tracy Anderson’s New Bars and Shakes Are Coming to Target

Photo: Tracy Anderson

The godmother of dance cardio (and workout world lightning rod) Tracy Anderson already has the fitness studios, the DVDs, and the star-studded clientele like Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow (who's also a business partner). Now she's is launching a line of bars and shakes that will be available at everyone's favorite I-went-in-for-one-thing-and-accidentally-spent-$200 mega-retailer.

Well+Good can exclusively report that starting this week, Anderson's Clear line of organic protein bars and shake mixes will be sold at Target stores nationwide and online.

Photo: Tracy Anderson Clear
Photo: Tracy Anderson Clear

"I am thrilled to finally have bar and shake meal replacements on the big box retail shelf," Anderson tells Well+Good. "We all lead busy lives and we need support to be all that we can be. While I completely believe in living a life full of whole foods, I also believe that we need healthier, easily accessible, and controlled options to lose and maintain weight," a concern which Anderson gets asked about a lot.

The Clear bars come in three flavors—vanilla toffee crunch, chocolate mint, and chocolate—and the shake mix comes in Dutch chocolate and French vanilla. The products contain 14–15 grams of vegan pea protein per bar or shake, and 11–13 grams of fiber per bar (or 6 grams per shake). They're made with natural sugars and are gluten-free and non-GMO. The Dutch chocolate shake mix contains collagen (a smoothie booster fave of the moment, particularly among celebs and beauty fanatics alike) and a B-vitamin complex for skin enhancement, and both shake flavors are also dairy-free.

The yay factor: The Clear shakes are far less expensive than the shakes Anderson currently sells on her own website, even though the ingredients are similar. (The Clear bars retail at $6.99 for a box of five bars, and the shakes are $29.99 per bottle.) Stock up before class?

If you're a voracious label reader, you might notice ingredients like fiber syrup and the sweetener NuVous showing up—both have their defenders and detractors, so the jury's out on those while we learn more.

And because fitting in time to cook is another issue that can derail a person's healthy intentions (that and the take-out guy), Anderson plans to relaunch her national meal delivery program later this month. So, for those who want to eat like her, pretty soon she'll have you covered from post-workout protein to three squares a day—plus a #TAmily meal on Sunday.

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