These New Tracy’s Dog Sex Toys Promise To Deliver Your Next Turbo-Orgasm

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If you've heard of Tracy's Dog sex toys, it's probably from a million hyped-up Amazon reviewers claiming that they've seen God (or just had a nondenominational head-spinning full-body exorcism). The famed Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator ($44) is jet-powered toward destination orgasm, and can't stop flying off the shelves as a result. So hold onto your hats and tie yourself to the bed for this one because Tracy's Dog has two new summer releases, and of course I gave them a whirl (because my job is literally perfect).

Shop Now: Tracy's Dog Pecker Vibrator, $37

First up is Pecker a very intentionally named vibrator because of how it's meant to tap-tap-tap on your G-Spot and other erogenous zones. Pecker has a few intriguing features, like a little loop that lets you really steer this straight, powerful wand. The body of the vibrator has 10 different vibrational settings, and five pulsating settings for the, uh, beak of the toy. That means you can have up to 50 unique combinations, which is insane. This is a toy that's really meant for targeting different pleasure points and introducing a duo of unique sensations, and that's primarily how I enjoy it.

Shop Now: Tracy's Dog Craybit Vibrator, $43

And then there's Craybit, which my roommate said I opened "with fear in my eyes." This is a hefty rabbit that's main objective is to reach the A-Spot, or anterior fornix, the innermost point deep within the vagina, right in front of the cervix. With A-Spot orgasms you're basically summoning a demon from the furtherest canals of your vagina. Done right the experience can only be described as "euphoric."

But okay, confession: I'm not super into penetration when using a vibrator. So that fear in my eyes was me wondering, "Am I even going to enjoy this clawlike monster of a sex toy?"

Well, luckily Craybit can be awesome and malleable and there's a big reason why: three motors. Friends, Craybit has three motors in the tip of the vibrator, the middle of the vibrator, and the body of the little bunny. The bunny is the actual best part. Even if it's par for the course when it comes to rabbit vibrators, this guy has some very adorable wiggle ears that feel that actually felt divine, no other word for it. The orgasm I got from Pecker was an interesting journey of sexploration; the orgasm I got from Craybit was the out-of-body experience five-star reviews were made of.

This all being said, I do have some notes. Both vibrators are insanely powerful and I'd be even quick to use the term "aggressive." If you need your sex toys to gently romance you, you really need to do some prep work. Play with yourself a little beforehand the settings before you put it on your body, see what pleasure blends might be intriguing. Don't, for example, stick Pecker in you and try to work out 50 combinations in 30 seconds. You will fully panic and have a bad time.

The other caveat is that, because they're so powerful, neither is a quiet vibrator. That might not be an issue for everyone, but it's a good warning you're in a thin walls roommate situation. I just walked into the living room wielding a toy each hand and my roommate, "I'm going to be in my bedroom going through the settings of these, I will not be masturbating, but they are very, very loud."

The verdict, though? Well, by virtue of being vibrators under $50 you have a worthwhile investment on your hands. And if you're looking to dial the intensity of your next orgasm to 11, both are worthwhile, with props to Craybit especially. Even with specific erotic zones in mind, there's a lot of original and pliable stimulations you can put on yourself, and the strength of your motors ensures that you can get to where you're going QUICK. These are designed for a strong multi-sensory experience that'll amplify your climax beyond our Earthly realm, they just needed to wielded with care. So come prepared — and do mind that earlier comment about tying yourself to the bed.

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