Trader Joe’s Just Dropped 3 New Vegan Dips, and They’re Loaded With Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

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Is it just me, or is there something incredibly thrilling about perusing all of the hot new products in Trader Joe’s “new items” displays? (Perhaps this is just what starts happening when you start nearing your 30s.) However, regardless of your age, getting hyped about new yummy items at the market is something I think we can all relate to, especially when it comes to our beloved TJs' new line of vegan dips loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The tried-and-true grocery store sure knows a thing or two about snacking, after all. It’s the founding father of some of our all-time favorite munchies like spicy chili and lime rolled tortilla chips and Everything but The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend that we put on just about everything. As luck would have it, just as poolside snacking season approaches and summer makes its presence known, Trader Joe’s has launched a few new dips packed with health-boosting ingredients that will knock your socks off. And to confirm it’s not just our Trader Joe’s love goggles talking, we spoke with a registered dietitian that weighed in on how good-for-you these delicious dips really are.

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3 new Trader Joe’s vegan dips loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients

1. Organic Vegan Nacho Dip

If one of the most memorable parts about going to the movie theater with your friends growing up was the melty, cheesy yellow nacho chips, TJ’s new Organic Vegan Nacho Dip will make you squeal with joy. Creamy, rich, and oh so “cheesy,” this dip will fool you into thinking you’re sitting at your local cinema watching the premiere of The Parent Trap all over again.

“Vegan cheese has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time—it wasn’t too long ago that the idea of non-dairy nachos was more or less unheard of. However, thanks to plant-based powerhouses like cashew and coconut, which are especially adept at mimicking the texture of melted cheese, it’s easier than ever to enjoy savory, cheesy treats without the use of animal products,” says Trader Joe’s on their website.

This vegan-friendly dip has a delicious cheese-like texture, and it’s loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. “Rich in cashews and onions, these two ingredients are high in antioxidants that help decrease inflammation in the body and prevent disease," says registered dietitian Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CDN, founder, and director of Real Nutrition. "Also, the ingredients used [in this product] are mostly organic, which means no pesticides or fillers."

2. Vegan Buffalo Style Dip

It’s about time buffalo sauce goes vegan. Arguably better than the original, this tangy and spicy dip is packed with ingredients like cauliflower, red peppers, and carrots—which is one brilliant way to pack some extra veggies into your daily diet. Perfect for spreading on sandwiches or dipping celery sticks, you’ll want to snack on this tongue-tingling dip all summer long. Plus, this plant-based dip has a registered dietitian’s seal of approval, as it contains quality ingredients that help reduce inflammation.

“This product is rich in plants that promote health and are high in antioxidants which decrease inflammation, from herbs and spices to pumpkin seeds and cauliflower,” Shapiro says. And to make things even better, she also points out that this delicious vegan dip is made without any sugar, an ingredient known for its inflammation-triggering properties. “The healthy fat here will help support blood sugar levels which will also decrease and prevent inflammation,” she adds.

3. Chimichurri Sauce

This Uruguayan and Argentinian-inspired product is described on the Trader Joe’s website as savory, herbaceous, refreshing, and richly aromatic—and they’re absolutely right. Made with tons of fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley, this chimichurri sauce is perfect for lathering on much more than just steak. The pros at Trader Joe’s recommend spreading the flavor-enhancing ingredient on everything from sandwiches and pasta to seafood, grilled veggies, and tacos. Not to mention that fact that chimichurri is loaded with health-benefiting ingredients.

“Cilantro and parsley are packed with antioxidants to help decrease inflammation by fighting free radicals,” Shapiro says, which happen to be two of the main ingredients that constitute this delicious sauce perfect for dunking anything right into. “Also, the use of olive oil contains oleic acid, which research shows combats inflammation as well,” she adds.

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