Cauliflower Connoisseurs: Trader Joe’s Might Soon Answer Your Low-Carb, Italian-Cuisine Dreams

Photo: Stocksy/Ina Peters
Given cauliflower's boom in popularity in recent years (people are putting it in everything from smoothies to breakfasts and desserts), it seems avocados have finally met their match. And the cruciferous vegetable owes its boost in fame in large part to Trader Joe's, whose cult-favorite cauliflower products are helping people understand the endless ways the white veggie can be used as a substitute—even in grilled cheese sandwiches. The craze started with the company's gluten-free cauliflower pizza crust and then progressed because of its cauli-rice, which was such a crowd-pleaser that the chain had to ration it in some cities. Now a new Trader Joe's item might dominate grocery carts: cauliflower gnocchi.

Yesterday, an Instagram post from a Trader Joe's crew member in Houston revealed that she was heating a 12-ounce bag of cauliflower gnocchi in the microwave. There's no additional information about the product on Trader Joe's website as of yet, so it's unclear when the gnocchi will actually hit shelves. But considering the success of its previous cauliflower rollouts, you may want to keep an ear to the ground for this one.

But until you can stock up on cauliflower gnocchi, try these spiralized-veggie recipes or hearts of palm noodles as pasta alternatives.

In the spirit of cauliflower pasta, try this cauliflower cacio e pepe recipe. Or, check out Iron Chef Stephanie Izard's easy roasted cauliflower dish.

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