The 10 Best Healthy Eats to Buy at Trader Joe’s, According to a Dietitian

Discover a registered dietitian's affordable Trader Joe's haul in this super fun video.

Trader Joe's is a goldmine for healthy food. Cauliflower pizza crust, sweet potato ribbons, white bean hummus...walking the aisles is like a scavenger hunt dreamed up by dietitians. There are so many great options, in fact, that even though TJ's is known for affordable shopping, the total price of your bounty can add up.  How in the world do you narrow it down?

It's a question we asked registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD in the latest episode of Well+Good's YouTube series, You Versus Food. In the video—you can watch the whole thing above—she reveals her must-have picks.

Her first favorite is the brand's cult hit cauliflower gnocchi. "If you haven't tried—or at least heard—of the latest TJ's product making headlines around the world, then you're possibly living under a rock," she says. "It's gnocchi made of heavenly puffs of cauliflower." Alt-pasta that's gluten-free, low-carb, *and* tastes good? Sold.

You'll also find frozen dark chocolate-covered bananas in Beckerman's Trader Joe's cart. "Frozen slices of cold bananas covered in dark chocolate? What more do you need?" she raves. "[There are] two major wins with this dessert: "One, because it's frozen, you won't be able to throw back that many without getting brain freeze. And two, you'll be delivering the body with potassium and magnesium," both nutrients that will help you wind down before bedtime.

Her loot comes to a grand total of $28.70. Not too shabby, right? Check out the episode to see all her healthy picks.

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