Spotted at Trader Joe’s: a Gluten-Free Broccoli and Kale Pizza Crust to Add to Your Rotation, Stat

Photo: Stocksy/Andrew Cebulka
When Trader Joe's released its mess-free cauliflower crust, it was an instant hit. Because let's be honest: As nice as it would be to make a flawless homemade version, the end result is usually something that falls apart in your hands while you're eating it (and leaves you with a super messy kitchen). But the grocer's latest release is giving the fan favorite some stiff competition.

During one Well+Good team member's most recent trip to TJs, her eagle eye spotted something beautiful in the frozen foods section: a brand-new—and bright green!—Broccoli & Kale pizza crust for under $5. The product (made with broccoli, black kale, corn flour, olive oil, and salt) is gluten-free, egg-free, and only 70 calories a slice.

Trader Joe's broccoli kale pizza crust
Photo: Celine Cortes

We haven't taste-tested our find just yet, but since broccoli tends to have a stronger flavor than cauliflower, I can imagine this greens-loaded crust being delicious with even the most basic of toppings. And with a shake of some umami mushroom seasoning? *Chef's kiss*

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