Trader Joe’s Just Started Selling Vegan Ranch and I’m Freaking Out

Photo: Stocksy/Helen Rushbrook
If you're vegan but not into meal prepping, Trader Joe's is bae. The healthy grocer has long been a vegan food powerhouse (case in point: healthy cauliflower bowls, organic mocha lattes, and every type of nut milk you can imagine). And now, TJ's is selling something that previously has been really hard to find if you're dairy- or egg-free: vegan ranch dressing.

Specifically, TJ's is now offering a new vegetable tray (just in time for holiday party season) that comes with a container of vegan ranch dip. It's not only making being vegan that much more convenient (and delicious—who doesn't love ranch?!), but it's also providing a much healthier alternative for anyone who's working to keep their goals in check over the holidays.

Traditional ranch dressing, according to the USDA, comes in at 130 calories per 2 Tbsp.  Most have vegetable oil as the first ingredient, followed by water, sugar, buttermilk, and egg yolk—and then generally a bunch of other hard-to-pronounce preservatives and artificial flavors. Eek.

Trader Joe's vegan ranch, on the other hand—which comes complete with a tray of baby carrots, sugar snap peas, celery, broccoli florets, and sweet peppers—is 100 calories per 2 Tbsp, according to a rep for the brand. It boasts a much more straightforward ingredient list: a base of coconut cream followed by canola oil, water, red wine vinegar, parsley, garlic, sea salt, shallots, chives, black pepper, dill, and xanthan gum. Sounds pretty good to me.

With a list that short and simple, you could probably whip up a batch of vegan ranch yourself to have on hand once everyone devours the store-bought version. Or, you know, so you can just enjoy it yourself all season long. Your secret is safe with me.

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