This Portable Squatty Potty Is a Life-Saver for Holiday Travel and Being Away From Your Regular Bathroom Routine

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We’ve never been ones to shy away from talking about poop. From tips on relieving constipation and the best foods to keep you regular, to investigating what the color of your stool really means, we’ll stop at nothing to help your potty break go as smoothly as possible (no pun intended). Which is why we absolutely had to share our latest-and-greatest toilet-time essential, guaranteed to give you a great poop wherever you go. Meet the Travel Porta Squatty ($30), the foldable, compact version of the original Squatty Potty that's going to be your bowels' saving grace when you head home for the holidays.

As if traveling during the holidays wasn't stressful enough, anyone with a sensitive gut knows it can quickly throw your digestive system out of whack, putting your usual poop schedule on hold. Layer on getting shy in bathrooms that aren't your own combined with suspect airport food, and having a successful, satisfying bowel movement is about as easy as hailing a cab on New Year's Eve.

That’s where the Travel Porta Squatty comes in. Like the original Squatty Potty, the travel version positions you at a 35-degree angle on the toilet, loosening your puborectalis muscle (AKA, your poop muscle) to minimize strain. It also features a subtle slope that keeps your heels higher up than your toes, giving you an extra lift that loosens your colon and makes it easier to push, so you leave the bathroom happier and healthier.

What's different from the OG squatting stool is the frame. While the original model is sturdy and fixed, the Travel Squatty is lighter and folds down flat (measuring at 15 inches when folded down), making it a streamlined, space-saving add to your carry-on or checked luggage. It's simple to set up—all you have to do is pull open its legs, click them into place, and sit on the toilet—so no worrying about some labor-intensive set up all to try and go to the bathroom. Tl;Dr—It's our Number 1 travel accessory for going Number 2.

And if the idea of setting up a travel Squatty Potty in your in-law’s bathroom gives you pause, know that disassembling it is just as simple and discreet. When you’re done, just fold the stool flat and stash it in a cabinet or behind the toilet where no one will notice it. You can also toss it back in your backpack or carry-on if you’re feeling shy, no judgment!

Whether you're flying home to spend Thanksgiving with family or driving cross country to ring in the New Year with a friend, the Porta Squatty is there for you when you gotta go... on the go. Don't pack your bags without it.

Want to stay regular on your travels? Watch the video below to avoid getting backed up.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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