Let’s Go, Don’t Wait—You Need To Try Travis Barker’s CBD Bath Bomb

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We all know Travis Barker as the drummer of Blink-182 and Kourtney Kardashian’s partner–but did you know he has a line of CBD and wellness products? It might seem like an unlikely business venture for the tattooed king of 2000s punk rock, but his devotion to self-care led him to create Barker Wellness. When I learned the brand launched a CBD bath bomb early April, I knew I had to try it. I’ve been on the CBD train for years, and I love taking baths so much my fingers are basically permanently pruned. It's the perfect combo to truly pique my interest.

Barker also shares my love for CBD and relaxation. “I am so passionate about CBD, and I find it to be an extremely powerful ingredient,” Barker tells me over email. He explains that for him, CBD is especially helpful if you struggle with sleep. “After using our bath soak, I’ve always had a sound night’s sleep,” he says. When I ask if he’s always been a “bath guy,” he says, “Yes. I’ve always loved taking baths. It’s one of my favorite ways to unwind. And this bath soak will help you relax and relieve muscle tension.” Nobody likes you when you're 23—but we'd all like to regain that level of carefree-ness. And this is one way to do that.

After my digital chat with Barker, I decided to go ahead and actually test the bath soak out. So I set my Spotify to “Spa Music,” dimmed the lights and plopped the Barker Wellness Bath Soak into my nice, warm bath. As it fizzed, I immediately noticed the scent—a soothing mix of lavender, bergamot and hibiscus. Heaven.

The immediate effects were clear: I was instantly relaxed, and it wasn’t just because Enya’s “Sail Away” was playing in the background. And when I stepped out of the tub my skin felt soft to the touch. But I was more interested in how this bath soak would affect my overall aches and pains the next day. I feel pains most acutely in my legs, and I definitely noticed relieved tension in my legs and feet after using the bath soak.

The pandemic has taken a toll on all of our bodies, and I’ve specifically struggled with inflammation and body aches in the past two years. So I turned to CBD as a remedy (if you're unfamiliar with CBD, we have a CBD guide that explains its potential benefits—as well as what it is, exactly, and where it comes from). CBD comes in many forms, but my favorites are typically ingestible (gummies, sparkling waters and tinctures), but also bath bombs (a form of topical relief). For me, personally, CBD bath soaks give much more effective all-over body relief than a topical CBD cream.

The combination of soothing, warm water, relaxing fragrance, anti-inflammatory oils, and CBD helps every muscle in my body unwind in a way I can't achieve as well with a lotion. As a bonus, the daikon seed extract helps hydrate skin, so you'll leave the tub with smoother, more moisturized skin. It should be noted this product has zero THC, so it doesn’t have any psychoactive components. (Translation? It won’t get you high.)

Now, I want to talk about the price. It’s $25 for a single bath soak, which I get might turn people off. You can find a $6 bath bomb at the mall. But this isn’t a mall bath bomb—it’s CBD-infused, and any high-quality CBD product will be pricier. Obviously, we can’t all be running $25 baths willy nilly. So this is probably more for special occasions. It’s my experience that you’ll feel the effects most if you use it when you’re feeling particularly achy–after an intense workout, a long hike or an exhausting day on your feet.

Also, as a side note–I love that it isn’t dyed. Bright pink or purple bath bombs are fun and Instagrammable, but they always leave a stain in your tub that isn’t worth all the scrubbing. So, bottom line? Is this an absolute cure-all for all your sleep and body woes? Likely no, but it shouldn’t be and doesn’t claim to be. But it can help you really sink into your relaxation time. And these days, I’ll take relaxation anyway I can get it.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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