Travis Barker on His New CBD-Infused Skin-Care Line, Meditation, and What Product He Loves Now Thanks to Kourtney

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Travis Barker is, aside from his music, perhaps most known for his aesthetic—his body is covered with tattoos of every shape, size, and color. So it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about skin, and caring for skin, right? Heading into Nobu Malibu where a number of people had gathered to celebrate his Barker Wellness skin-care line launch (in partnership with REVOLVE), the rockstar-turned-skin-care-founder was surrounded by family and friends, including wife Kourtney Kardashian. It was here that I got to chat with him all about his new CBD-infused skin-care line, and just exactly how he deals with all the things going on in his new life.

Well+Good: Tell me about the first time that you were interested in combining CBD into a line for yourself?

Travis Barker: I think when I first heard about CBD, I was like, "Wait, is this weed?" You know what I mean? I think that's what everyone thinks. I have friends that are sober and they're like, "Wait, is this weed?" And no, it's not, it's cannabinoids, and it does so much more than ever get you high. You don't actually feel anything. So, I think that was my first introduction, buying something for sleep. It was like a sleep tincture, but I noticed it was so hard to find one that was vegan, which mattered to me a lot. I've been vegan for 16 years, vegetarian almost all my life. So, the mission that I went on to find those products, inspired me to start this brand.

W+G: Were you searching out a sleep tincture for sleep because you don't typically sleep well? Is that something you struggle with?

TB: Oh, it's horrible. Like I said, I leave the studio, but the studio doesn't leave me, and I'm just up and my wheels are spinning. So magnesium salt bath, amazing. Pain relief cream, amazing, and [Barker Wellness] Sleep Tincture. Even more so than our Sleep Tincture, [I really rely on] our sleep gummies.

W+G: Amazing. Besides using CBD for sleep, how else do you use it? What's your routine?

TB: [I use CBD] pain relief cream... just everything. You know you're supposed to train and take two days off a week? I don't. I'm always doing something. I'm running or I'm training Muay Thai or I'm lifting weights, whatever. It's really just functional training to play the drums. That's what it comes down to, but I find myself, between that and practice, getting really sore so that was the pain relief cream and that's why we started that.

W+G: As far as your skincare or how you like to body care, what are your go-to products, including your own?

TB: I think I just went on a journey, even long before I was with Kourtney, and just figuring out, what do we do as guys? I'm putting body lotion on my face. I know that's not right, and I think there's probably millions of other guys that do the same thing and they're like, "I don't know, my face is fine." So going in and figuring out, oh, this is whatever, this is good cream for your face. I think figuring that out led me to developing one that's like non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan. That was important. Learning about serums. I owe it all to my wife. That was everything. And then, making a multipurpose product that's also a cleanser, but a face mask. It was just fun. I started doing face masks with her. I felt like I didn't know about it, and I felt like probably so many people don't know about it.

W+G: What other wellness routines or modalities do you try and integrate into your life? 

TB: I love breathwork. It's amazing. I try to meditate. Meditating for me is actually just closing my door and trying to close my eyes for five minutes and not think about anything or going into a sauna. It's easier for me. It's honestly hard for me to meditate just in a bedroom or whatever, but if I go in a sauna or a steam room, I'm really great at it, I can focus. But yeah, all those things and I'm really into just exercise. I'm into drinking matcha over coffee, even though I do go to the dark side every once in a while when I have some coffee when I'm doing late nights.

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