This $7 Drugstore Tonic Leaves My Fine, Mature Hair Shiny, Soft, and Voluminous

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I admit I have a thing for coconut. Not only do I adore the way it smells, I love the smoothing and softening benefits of using coconut oil products (or just the oil itself) in the shower and on my skin and nails. The one notable exception has always been coconut oil hair products. Though I love what I’ve seen them do for others—the glossiness, smoothness, and shine–I’ve always been afraid the oil will leave my fine, straight hair looking like I haven’t washed it for days.

So, when samples of the new Pro Infusion by Tresemmé collection promising to make the benefits of coconut oil accessible to all hair types arrived at my door, I figured I’d give them a try. The hero ingredient of the line’s shampoos, conditioners, and hair tonics ($7 each) is the trademarked Coco-Proteinize complex containing activated natural coconut oil for moisture, balance, and shine, and hydrolyzed wheat protein for strength.

About the Tresemmé Pro Infusion collection

The line has four formulas with ingredients that target the needs of specific hair types–Fluid Smooth with niacinamide for strength and sheen, Fluid Curls with hyaluronic acid for hydration, Fluid Color with strengthening vitamin E, and Fluid Volume with biotin for fullness.

Experts In This Article
  • Jessica Grigoriou, Jessica Grigoriou is the salon & masstige hair portfolio director and the head of beauty marketing at Unilever, the parent company of Tresemmé.

I decided to try the Volume formula and see if it could bring shine and fluidity to my strands without making them look flat and lifeless. Jessica Grigoriou, head of beauty marketing and salon & masstige hair portfolio director at Unilever, parent company of Tresemmé, says the secret to getting coconut oil to work on fine hair is in the formulation.

“We combine several ingredients in the formula using just the right balance of them to ensure that the Volume shampoo, conditioner, and hair tonic help achieve the fluid hair benefits that the Pro Infusion range offers—shine, smooth and natural movement— to everyone without weighing it down, and leaving hair voluminous,” says Grigoriou. “While the activated coconut oil plays a large role in the shiny, smooth movement you’ll get with these products, it won’t weigh your hair down because of this balance of ingredients within the formula.”

The entire collection contains 0% sulfates, silicones, parabens, and dyes, with 99.5% biodegradable formulas packaged in 70% PCR bottles, and is PETA-approved.

What happened when I tried it

I find clear shampoos work best on my hair and was happy to see the shampoo was clear and lightweight. The products have natural scents such as florals, cedarwood, and cinnamon, so they smell great. Because I usually avoid using sprays beyond the roots of my hair, I was a little wary of using the spritz-on tonic, which is best applied from roots to ends. But Grigoriou advised that the lightweight post-wash conditioning the tonic offers was a must for achieving the results I wanted.

“The tonics are formulated to be the foundation for fluid style, so we highly recommend using them before styling your hair to enhance your natural movement and shine,” she says.

After spraying the Tresemmé Pro Infusion tonic on thoroughly, I loved the way it detangled my below-the-shoulder hair and made it easy to comb. The true test was how my hair would look after it dried, and honestly, once it did, I was pretty amazed with the results. My hair was downright shiny, full, and soft, without a hint of oiliness. I loved the glossy sheen my hair took on. Overall, the results were better than I expected and the hair tonic I was so afraid to try turned out to be the standout product in the lineup.

I’m really looking forward to using the products once the drying summer sun hits, and am happy that despite my doubts, I gave them a try–and now my hair doesn’t have to miss out on the coconut love.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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