This $99 Facial Tool De-Puffed My Tired Eyes in Minutes

Tech is taking over the beauty world, allowing consumers to enjoy the benefits of LED light treatment, microcurrent stimulation, and more without having to leave their bathrooms. Understandably so, though, these devices aren't cheap. If you're looking to dip your toe in the beauty tool pool without investing too a ton of money, at $99, the Trophy Skin BrightenMD is the perfect entry-level buy.

Touch this tool to your face and it instantly gets to work—no buttons, switches, or dials required. It gently vibrates and warms up, shooting red LED light and low-voltage microcurrents into the skin. The red light and the microcurrents get deep into the layers of your epidermis to stimulate cell turnover, which revs up collagen production to make your complexion appear firmer and more vibrant. While that's happening, the combination of vibrational massage and circulation-boosting heat work to decrease puffiness. The tool is great for targeted treatment around the eyes, but can also be used all over the face.

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  • Imran Karim, Imran Karim is the founder and CEO of Trophy Skin.

"Say you're up in the morning before you go to work before and you're like 'My eyes look so puffy, they look so tired.' You know this is the device you want to use," says Imran Karim, the founder and CEO of Trophy Skin. "It's one of those really instant gratification type devices where you do a minute on each eye and you leave the house and you'll for 15, 20, 30 minutes after you'll still feel that blood flow and you'll feel that rejuvenation."

What it's like to use the Trophy Skin BrightenMD

I used this device on my eyes on a day when I was feeling super tired my eyes were feeling heavy. You can it with or without a product, but I felt it tugged on the skin a bit when I used it dry, so I applied my favorite face oil, the Agrestal Rose Hydrating Oil ($70).

Although my eyes did feel a little puffy before using the tool, after using it for a few minutes I could absolutely feel a difference—that blood-rushing sensation is no joke. I admittedly don't get eye bags, so can't speak to how the device works to treat those, but can say with confidence that it definitely helped to de-puff my lower lids. The vibrations and the warmth feel amazing on the skin, and I would use the tool even if that was all it offered. Knowing that the LED light and microcurrents were working to improve the long-term health of my skin felt like an added bonus.

If you're looking to get into beauty tools, the Trophy Skin BrightenMD is a perfect place to start. While $99 is a pretty penny, it's much less expensive than many comparable tools on the market, which usually cost between $200 and $400. Plus, it's super easy to use and allows you to experience four different treatments in one.

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