I Found a Bra That’s So Comfy, I’d Rather Wear It Than Go Braless…

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I am pathologically lazy about going to the bank to get more quarters for laundry, and am even less likely to go while a pandemic is happening. My lack of quarters is how I found myself rummaging through my closet over the weekend, desperately praying for a comfy top to appear because all of my regular cozy clothes were dirty. I didn't want to put on an actual blouse, because my skin is currently rejecting anything that isn't at least as soft as a puppy. But I couldn't walk around topless either, because I have windows that open right to my neighbor's courtyard, and would thus require me to crawl, Gollum-like, across my apartment to avoid giving them a show every time I needed a fresh cup of coffee. (If you are wondering, yes I am speaking from experience.) As I was throwing my clothes out of my closet and onto the floor, my fingers touched something that felt very soft. It was the True&Co True Body Lift Mesh Triangle Bra, $64, and somehow it had gotten buried in my closet. ("Somehow" AKA I put it in there and then piled other clothes on top of it and forgot about it.)

My fingers stroked the very soft fabric, and I whispered softly: You shall do. (Cut me some slack, I've been quarantined alone for months.) I put it on, and it felt like I was wearing nothing. It has no clasps or wires, so you can just slip in on. It's not like a sports bra, where you have to wiggle around to get your boobs in it and have a moment of panic where you think you might be stuck before finally getting it all the way on. It just slid easily on, like popping on a tank top, and taking it off similarly required no contortionist skills. The mesh panels also allow extra ventilation, which is very necessary when you live in a tiny apartment with no AC and it's summer but also a pandemic so you can't really leave your home.

It comes in seven hues. I have the black option, because I put a moratorium on beige underwear for myself after an incident with high waisted beige boyshorts and a hot guy from my gym. The sizing of this particular style only goes up to an XL, but the brand offers the Lift Scoop Neck Bra ($58) and the Lift V Neck Racerback Bra ($58) that fit up to a 42DDD. Both are made out of the same super soft material and are also wireless (and these styles also come in a wider range of colors, including lilac and a pretty pink stripe pattern).

Despite having no wires I felt like my D-cup boobs were actually supported by this bra—a feature I will appreciate when the world opens back up (soon, hopefully!). The design is cute, and because it doesn't look super bra-like—it kind of looks like a crop top, or a sports bra—I feel comfortable wearing it around my apartment in front of those aforementioned windows. Is it a bra I'm going to wear for virtual sex? No. I would not consider it a sexy bra. But it is very cute and loungey, and if I could, I'd probably wear it as a top every day of the week. Alas, it's recommended that you wash your bra every three wears, so I guess it's finally time to replenish my laundry quarters.

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