If You’re Flying, Pack These Full-Sized Beauty Products That Won’t Get Flagged by TSA

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We love a vacation (hello, work-life balance!), but with travel comes the joys of figuring out what to pack. Outfits are one thing (Do you really 10 pairs of underwear for two days?), but trying to cram a multi-step beauty routine into a carry-on bag is another. Making sure it's TSA-friendly is a whole different feat—that pesky 3.4-fluid-ounce rule isn't exactly conducive to our favorite shampoos and body washes.

Or is it? Before you reach for those annoying, tiny travel bottles, consider stocking up on these full-sized beauty product that will get you through airport security in a breeze. Below, we've rounded up our favorite serum capsules, shampoo bars, and solid body washes—all up to TSA's standards. We can't tell you how to handle the underwear conundrum, but we can tell you that these full-sized beauty products are worth a spot in your carry on ASAP.

12 full-sized beauty products you can *actually* fly with


A glass bottle of Remilia hair capsules.
Remiliahair, The Cosmocap — $27.00

How convenient are these?! These lil’ green capsules are infused with keratin to strengthen hair and reduce frizz while also protecting your strands from UV-related heat damage. After you’ve washed your hair, pop one open and rub the serum through your wet strands, allowing the keratin oil to really get in there and works its magic. Their pre-portioned makes for no second-guessing, as does their TSA-friendly form, which you can throw right in your personal item.

Parrotfish, Hair Care Bundle — $24.00

Hair-care bars aren’t only flight-friendly—they’re an environmentally friendier alternative, too. Instead of single-use plastic, Parrotfish’s shampoos and conditioners are molded into convenient bars and wrapped in recyclable paper, cutting down on plastic waste that ends up in landfills. Choose from refreshing peppermint or hydrating Argan oil, both of which will give you a dreamy cleanse when you reach at your final destination.

Kitsch, Coconut Oil Deep-Moisturizing Mask Bar — $14.00

It’s no secret flying dries us out—that’s why most flight attendants swear by bringing a mega moisturizer or hydrating mist on their travels. Hair is no different, which is why we can’t get enough of this recovery mask from Kitsch. It’s infused with ultra-nourishing coconut oil that rejuvenated dry, tired strands in just one wash. And again, since it’s a bar, it won’t get flagged going through security.

Tarte, Big Ego™ Dab & Go Hair Concealer — $25.00

We don’t recommend trying to fly with a full-blown dye kit—that’s sure to get tossed at TSA. Instead, bring home this root pen home with you, which is pretty much a portable root touch-up. The pen-like bottle is filled with a vegan dye made from Amazonian clay, argan oil, castor oil, and grapeseed oil. Dab it over your roots and watch the cream-to-powder formula work its magic, giving you a full touch-up in 30 seconds or less. Talk about magic.


A blue container of retinol capsules.
Common Heir, Retinol Serum — $88.00

Like Remiliahair’s hair version, this container includes 60 capsules of individually packaged retinol, ready to go. You just need one a night, so if you’re leaving for six nights, bring six capsules. The Common Heir serum is gentle with 0.2 percent retinol along with squalane and algae oil to nourish skin and prevent irritation. The empty capsules can be thrown out or melted down in a glass jar with boiling water.

A white bottle of a Sisley Paris enzyme mask.
Sisley Paris, Enzyme Mask — $135.00

This mask comes in a powdered form, meaning it’s water-free and easy to travel with. Simply pour a gram of powder (about the size of a blueberry) into your hands and mix it with a small amount of water until a foaming cream is formed. Apply a thin layer to the face and neck and allow the radiance-boosting formula to start exfoliating away dead cells, tightening the appearance of pores, and smoothing texture.

Two envelopes of LightWater moisturizers.
LightWater, Fresh Daily Duo — $82.00

Cover morning and evening hydration with these moisturizing packets from LightWater. Each pack has 28 small sachets that are super easy for travel. The morning formula contains vitamins and antioxidants to protect against environmental damage while moisturizing and hydrating skin. The evening blend is filled with replenishing nutrients, hydrators, and barrier-strengtheners to support skin repair, rest, and renewal.


A white bottle of MaeiMD serum.
MaeiMD, Serum 6 — $140.00

Pack all of your serums into one with this serum from MaeiMD. It contains protective antioxidants, skin-smoothing peptides, hydrating hyaluronic acid, redness-reducing probiotics, skin-firming stem cells, and brightening niacinamide. And since it comes in a 1-fluid-ounce bottle, you’re good to go through security.


A pink container of Beautycounter deodorant.
Beautycounter, The Clean Deo — $31.00

Traveling or not, Beautycounter’s super deo is a must for keeping sweaty, stinky armpits at bay. This aluminum-free deodorant neutralizes odor while absorbing body sweat. It comes in a refillable case so you don’t have to use more plastic when you run out. The scent is a refreshing blend of tropical coconut, sandalwood, and sweet vanilla, so you’ll be transported on a vacation, even if you’re stuck at home.

Soft Services, Buffing Bar — $28.00

While you can’t probably pack a full bottle of exfoliating wash, these buffing bars are the next best thing. They’re made with microcrystals that gently slough away dead skin and smooth rough patches, including keratosis pilaris. The result? Skin smoother than a baby’s bottom. Definitely worth a spot in your carry on, mostly so you can scrub away all that gross airplane weirdness the moment you get home.

Skin Champagne Canvas Body Oil
Skin Champagne, Canvas Body Oil Allure — $52.00

An oil this rich and decadent certainly can’t go through TSA, right? Think again. Skin Champagne’s indulgent body oil comes in at exactly 3.4 fluid ounces, so throw it in your bag, baby. Cheers to luscious, luxurious skin the moment you rub it on.

Henry Rose Jakes House Bar Soap
Henry Rose, Jake's House Bar Soap — $30.00

If you’ve ever wished you can bathe in Michelle Pfeiffer’s dreamy fine fragrances, now you can—and you can take it with you wherever you roam. This moisturizing bar soap will transform any shower into a spa-like experience, hydrating thirsty skin while filling your space with sweet notes of fresh marine, musk, and neroli. Bonus points for skin-loving superstar ingredients like vitamin E, veggie glycerin, and avocado oil. More bonus points for being TSA-friendly.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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