If You Have Super Dry Skin, This Is One of the Best Moisturizers You Can Buy This Winter

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Winter dry skin is no joke. Between the cold and wind outside and the heat inside, your skin goes through a lot, and it can feel like your entire body is dehydrated no matter how many products you slather on. Tula's new body moisturizer may be a game-changer for scaly skin this season.

Founded by a gastroenterologist, Tula uses probiotic extracts and superfoods as key ingredients in its skin-care products—and its products are so extraordinary, the brand was recently acquired by Procter & Gamble. You may be used to having probiotics in your yogurt or kombucha for your gut, but they can be good for balancing your skin, too. The rest of the brand's ingredient list is also clean, with zero toxic ingredients or irritants. The newest addition to the lineup is a body care line,  which includes a body moisturizer and body polish.

The Take Care + Nourish body moisturizer is formulated with a prebiotic and probiotic blend to smooth and balance skin, vitamin C and yuzu to brighten, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, and shea butter and coconut oil to soften. It's suitable for all skin types, day or night. You can also get the body exfoliator with lemon peel and hibiscus flower acid to buff away the dry, dull layers that have been a casualty of the season and help your skin look brighter and smoother. For the full-body treatment, you can get both products as a duo, and give your dry skin the TLC it deserves.

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Tula take care + nourish body moisturizer
Tula Advanced Hydration Body Moisturizer — $38.00

The skin on your body has to contend with many different things on a daily basis. There are parts of you that are exposed to the frigid elements and heaters—and there are parts of you that are always covered that trap in moisture. Because of this formulating a full-body moisturizer can be most challenging for brands; however, Tula nailed their first rendition.

Made with a blend of pre- and pro- biotics to help reinforce the skin barrier and help keep it strong, this head-to-toe option also contains vitamin C and yuzu to brighten and even out skin tone, hyaluronic acid to act as a humectant to keep water within the skin, and ceramides to help fortify your barrier. Couple these active ingredients with shea butter and coconut oil, and you’ve got a certifiable classic on your hands.

When you apply, you’ll notice that the moisturizer is rich enough to really moisturize your skin but it still doesn’t feel greasy or goopy. And you’ll be able to put on your jeans without feeling like they’re fully glued to your body.

Tula revitalize & cleanse body exfoliator
Tula Revitalize & Cleanse Body Exfoliator — $34.00

It may seem counterintuitive to think that using a cleanser/body exfoliator can make your skin more hydrated; however, one of the things that keep skin from being truly hydrated is the build-up of dead skin cells on the top of skin. When your skin has too many dead skin cells that have accumulated, the build-up can essentially keep products from being able to sink deeply into the skin to do their job. To help your products be able to reach their full potential, you’ll want to exfoliate those dead skin cells off so that the moisturizer you apply afterward go into skin and so that you reap all of the benefits of them being there.

This exfoliator works two ways: It has physical exfoliants (lemon peel and cherry seed) to help manually lift away the dead skin cells and buff skin, as well as chemical exfoliants (alpha-hydroxy acids) that work to melt down the bonds between skin cells so that skin feels smoother. It’s also enriched with a pre- and pro-biotic complex so that skin never feels stripped or over exfoliated.


Tula body care duo
Tula Nourishing & Exfoliating Body Skincare Kit — $55.00

By ordering the duo together, you can not only save money, but you can get the best results possible. According to independent research done by the brand 100 percent of respondents said that skin felt smoother and softer and 96 percent said skin looked less dull. We’ll take it.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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