I Have Fine Hair and I Finally Found an Unexpected Conditioner That Hydrates It Without Weighing It Down

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Finding the right conditioner for my fine, dry hair is a whole thing. For starters, my hair gets oily fast, so I can’t go more than a day without washing it—but it’s also super dry (and brittle from taking my flat iron to it on a semi-regular basis), so I need an ultra moisturizing conditioner to restore its softness. Sure, there are plenty of hydrating conditioners on the market, but the majority are too rich and end up weighing my hair down.

Conversely, the conditioners that promise volume, simply aren’t hydrating enough. So conditioners that manage to nourish dry hair without bogging it down have reached mythical status in my book, and I’ve yet to find one that can successfully do both. That was until I tried the Desert Tumbleweed Softening Conditioner ($54) by Twentynine Palms. Yes Twentynine Palms—as in the gender-neutral skin, body, and hair-care company founded by none other than Jared Leto (who also has pretty epic hair, just saying). I know nothing fuels our collective side-eye quite like celebrity brands, but this conditioner is the real deal. Let me explain.

twentynine palms conditioner on a white background
Twentynine Palms, Tumbleweed Softening Conditioner — $54.00

Formulated with a lightweight but nourishing blend of aloe vera, jojoba and argan oils, and amino acids—this hydrating conditioner moisturizes, softens, and boosts shine, all without weighing down fine hair.

Inspired by the desert city of the same name, Twentynine Palms was developed with drought-tolerant ingredients and botanicals local to the California desert. The Tumbleweed Softening Conditioner contains desert dwellers like aloe vera and jojoba oil, for example, both of which are beloved for their *lightweight* moisturizing benefits.

What makes it work

Trichologist Kerry Yates previously named aloe vera as one of the best lightweight hydrators for dry hair that’s prone to breakage (aka, mine). And it touts gentle clarifying properties that help boost shine and softness. Jojoba oil quenches strands and mends split ends, according to hairstylists. Meanwhile, fatty acid rich argan oil deeply nourishes dry hair while administering a hefty dose of antioxidants, and amino acids that hydrate and boost the strength of every strand. This nourishing (but not overwhelming) blend of ingredients gives my dry, fine hair the moisture it craves and then some—leaving my strands stronger, shinier, and more buoyant than before.

Even on my knottiest days, the Tumbleweed Conditioner’s soft, lotion-y formula slips right through my bird’s nest—or more appropriately, tumbleweed—tangles with zero effort (and zero silicones). I let it sit in my hair for 3-5 minutes as its own deep conditioning treatment, and rinse it out in one shot. What’s more, I can feel the difference in my hair right away, and can comb my fingers through my silky soft strands without any snags.

And unlike other hydrating conditioners I’ve tried, I can massage the Tumbleweed Conditioner all over my scalp and ends for total hydration—without turning my scalp into an oil-slick the next morning. Out of the shower, I let my hair air-dry as usual and was thrilled to discover that the Tumbleweed Softening Conditioner gave my hair the balancing moisture it needed—and nourished my dry, brittle hair from root to tip, without sacrificing volume. When I’m in a hurry, I can skip my leave-in products altogether, and bank on the Tumbleweed Softening Conditioner’s hydration all day long, which is truly saying something.

The best part, though? The scent. Free of synthetic fragrances, the Tumbleweed Softening Conditioner uses clary sage, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils (all of which have hair and scalp stimulating benefits, BTW) to smell like an expensive meditation retreat, and is there anything better?  Twentynine Palms’s Tumbleweed Softening Conditioner somehow managed to turn washing my hair (which was previously a reluctant but necessary chore) into a ritualistic, sensorial treat—making it worth the splurge if you’re a fellow fine-haired girlie down to invest. Shop it on the Twentynine Palms website, and pair it with the Desert Tumbleweed Cleansing Shampoo ($54) for the full experience.


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