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Your Guide to 7 Different Types of Vibrators, and How To Use Each Best

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There many paths we're able to take in order to reach the destination of pleasure: To name a few, there's Clitoral Orgasm Avenue, G-Spot Street, Wake-Up Your Neighbors In The Middle of The Night get the idea. The world of pleasure is wide, and—to break away from the geographic navigation comparison—offers many different types of vibrators each of us can try. But while exciting, that reality can make it confusing to navigate. So, with so many types of vibrators available for you to buy, how do you know which direction to take?

Don't worry, we called in some reinforcements to help guide us. Below are seven types of vibrators you'll find on the market, and expert takes on the specific ways each will transport you to Pleasuretown.

7 different types of vibrators, and how to use each best

  1. 1. Clitoral vibrator

    Zumio S

    Research shows that during sexual intercourse, most vulva-owners simply can’t climax from penetration alone. The exact figures vary, but one study suggests it’s fewer than a dismal 20 percent. But the flip side to that is that with clitoral stimulation, your ability to come more and faster jumps way higher.

    “The easiest type of orgasm to reach for a vulva-owner is the external clitoral one,” says developmental psychologist and human sexuality professor Zhana Vrangalova, PhD. “This is because the external clitoris is the part of the body that contains the greatest density of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can lead to pleasure.”

    And as Well+Good Changemaker and Dame CEO and sexologist Alexandra Fine points out, that’s majorly important. “I think that having a sex toy that caters to clitoral stimulations—and specifically one that can be used during partnered sex—really shows people with vulvas that their pleasure is a priority,” Fine says.

    That means if you’re prioritizing getting your orgasm efficiently (and yes, joyfully as well) this is the way to go. Clitoral vibrators can be kind of a catch-all terminology for toys that focus on that area, but for the purposes of this piece, we’re talking about any vibrator that pinpoints that area. Technically the Zumio S focuses more on rotational movements versus vibrations, but if you’re looking for something direct, its SpiroTip will get the job done.

    Zumio, $108
  2. 2. Massage wand


    Once upon a time, these microphone-shaped friends used to masquerade as “neck massagers.” You probably remember the Sex and the City episode where Samantha exposed that charade. Today, the wand is a loud-and-proud (okay, maybe not loud—many are actually whisper-quiet) fixture in the sex-toy world.

    “This is a versatile, rumbly powerhouse that offers a wide range of vibration intensities,” says Alicia Sinclair, certified sexologist and creator of Le Wand Massager. “It’s a crowd-pleaser and must-have for all sex-toy collections because it can please all bodies. With a broad head and long handle, this vibe can be angled in a variety of positions and hard-to-reach places. Plus, it feels good for pleasure and relieves pain like muscle soreness.”

    So yes, you can use it as a neck massager, but why stop there?

    Le Wand, $115
  3. 3. Bullet vibrator

    Of all the different types of vibrators, bullet-style are great for their simplicity and variability. You’re either grabbing one because you want something small-but-mighty and simple, or you’re looking to get creative.

    “Bullet vibrators offer direct, pinpointed stimulation,” says Fine. “They’re great for travel and also for pairing with other toys, like harnesses and dildos. Bullet vibes are usually strong and take away a lot of the bells and whistles that other vibrators have—lots of vibration patterns, for example.”

    If you’re looking for a bullet that’ll shoot you into orgasm heaven in more than a couple of ways, look no further than the high voltage Le Wand Grand Bullet.

    “This is a chic and powerful pleasure tool great for traveling and for folks looking to hide their vibe in plain sight,” says Sinclair. “Included accessories allow the user to transform this bullet into a multi-use tool for different types of uses, like dual sensation. It can also be cooled or heated for temperature play.”

    Le Wand Bullet, $85
  4. 4. Rabbit vibrator

    Tracy's Dog vibrator

    Rabbit-style vibrators have a slim head for penetration and a smaller head (sometimes literally a rabbit head with ears) to stimulate your clitoris. Blended orgasms, here we very literally come!

    Now, given new innovations in sex tech, the rabbit style often comes complete with new bells and whistles. Sexologist and founder of Bloomi Rebecca Alvarez Story is a big fan of Lioness, a sophisticated device that can help you strength-train your pelvic floor while tracking orgasm data-length, strength, and the factors that fuel it. While the Lioness 2.0 is currently taking pre-sale orders for a July shipment, fan-favorite brand Tracy’s Dog makes a clitoral sucking rabbit for just $30 that you could snatch up today.

    Tracy's Dog G-Spot Rabbit, $31
  5. 5. Wearable vibrator

    Dame Fin vibrator

    Wearables are an amazing option if you’re coupled up and want play with extra opportunities for stimulation. The Lelo Tor 2 ($128) is a wearable vibrator that, while meant for couples, one writer finds to be great for solo play as well. MysteryVibe has the Tenuto ($150) for men, a wearable that basically turns an erection into a vibrator.

    “Finger vibrators are a great choose-your-own-adventure toy,” says Fine. “Dame’s finger vibrator, Fin, is engineered to augment natural touch and can easily be integrated into whatever you’re already doing with your hands.”

    Shop Now
  6. 6. Suction vibrators


    While many types of vibrators focus on a rumbling sensation, brands like Womanizer and Satisfyer are developing products that focus on using pulses directed at your clitoris. It’s an entirely different sensation, to say the least.

    “These toys use air technologies to create a sucking-like sensation that’s intense,” says Fine. “Many people say that suction vibrators mimic the sensation of oral sex.” For dual penetration and suction action all in one, you can look to Womanizer’s Duo ($219), or the widely beloved Tracy’s Dog Vibrator.

    Womanizer Premium, $189
  7. 7. G-spot-targeting vibrator

    Dame Arc vibrator

    Before getting into what exactly this is, it might help to address where your G-spot is located, and why you want to reach it. The notoriously hard-to-reach erogenous zone is located approximately a few inches deep on the front (or top) wall of the vagina. In order to hit the G-spot, you need a bit of bravery and innovation, which is where the curved shape of a G-spot-specific vibrator comes in.

    “A G-spot-targeting vibrator is great for exploration,” says Fine. “Arc, for example, is designed for both clitoral play and penetration. About 72 percent of respondents from our Dame Labs say they use internal toys on both their clit and G-spot. So having one that does both is certainly the consensus.”

    But ultimately, whatever path you want to take and using whatever type of vibrator you choose, as long as you find your final destination of pleasure, what you’ve done certainly proved effective.

    Dame Arc, $115


Originally published March 6, 2020.

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