Your A-to-O Glossary for 10 Different Types of Orgasms—And How To Achieve Each

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Like sex itself, orgasms are far from a one-size-fits-all situation, especially for vagina-owners. Sometimes orgasms are quick and satisfying, other times, they're earth-shattering, full-body experiences, and still others come when you least expect it, like an accidental orgasm. Many methods exist that allow for experimenting with different types of orgasms, and the more unique routes to orgasm you try taking, the more likely it is that you'll find that oh-my-God-yes destination. Basically, it's worth knowing about and also trying them all.

"Any type of orgasm across the body can be powerful, pleasurable, and worth exploring," says Jess O'Reilly, PhD, sexologist and host of the @SexWithDrJess podcast. "Just don't pressure yourself into a specific type of orgasm, and instead, follow the pleasure and see where it takes you."

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  • Searah Deysach, sex educator and owner of Early to Bed
  • Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, New York City-based sex researcher, writer, and educator

To help guide you along that pleasurable journey, we've rounded up the most common types of orgasms possible for vagina-havers to experience (in alphabetical order, for easy reference), along with advice from sexperts for experiencing each to the fullest.

Here are 10 common types of orgasms, plus how to make the absolute most of each:

1. Anal orgasm

Exploring anal play can help you to diversify your sexual preferences and lead you to more holistic sexual satisfaction. But that's not all it can do. "Some folks can experience orgasm from touch that is not directly on the vulva or in the vagina, and some people can have an orgasm from anal stimulation or penetration alone," says Searah Deysach, sex educator and owner of pleasure shop Early to Bed. It's also worth noting that while anal orgasms can occur through external licking, kissing, or touching, deep massage or penetration can also result in a prostate orgasm for penis-havers.

2. Blended orgasm

Blended orgasms simply refer to intensifying an orgasm by stimulating two or more pleasure zones at once. "Some people describe their blended orgasms as feeling more intense, deeper, or just as more because there are multiple points of stimulation," sex expert Andrea Barrica, CEO of sex-education platform, previously told Well+Good.

You can achieve a blended orgasm by exploring a number of different combinations, and you can start by pairing clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration. This can be done with a partner and some manual techniques, or a dual-stimulation rabbit vibrator, if you're playing alone. Just like with your smoothie ingredients, feel free to experiment to keep things interesting.

3. Breast orgasm

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, breasts are a highly potent erogenous zone, and stimulation can lead to a breast orgasm. "This may be attributable to the fact that the genital sensory cortex, which is the same region impacted by stimulation of the vagina and clitoris, is activated through nipple play," Dr. O'Reilly previously told Well+Good. "Scientists hypothesize that these shared neurons release oxytocin, which induces pleasure and relaxation, and spikes to peak levels just before orgasm."

While a breast orgasm can result from direct stimulation of the breasts, others can experience it as an extension of another orgasm, adds Dr. O'Reilly. "For example, you play with the breasts to warm them up and awaken the nerve endings, but then you reach orgasm through another means of stimulation (e.g., vibrating against your clitoris or oral sex), and you feel the sensations intensely in the breasts, due to the previous stimulation."

4. Cervical orgasm

This is an orgasm that can happen by stimulating the cervix, which is located deep within the vagina. It's the ring of tissue separating the uterus from the vagina, usually requiring long and slightly curved penetration to reach. And heads up—you don't want to voyage to this pleasure center unless you're fully turned on.

"The sensitive cervix is believed to relay messages to the brain via the hypogastric nerve, and many people report that direct stimulation is only pleasurable once they’ve reached higher levels of arousal, and the palliative chemicals have flooded the body," Dr. O'Reilly previously told Well+Good.

5. Coregasm

If you need more motivation to incorporate an ab workout into your fitness routine, here you go: Coregasms are literally orgasms that occur when you're exercising, according to Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH, author of The Coregasm Workout. The caveat here is that it's pretty uncommon to experience: One survey suggests about 10 percent of people have experienced a coregasm in their life. However, Dr. Herbenick has tips for trying a workout specifically designed to access it:

"Exercises most commonly associated with coregasm include those that are what I call ‘core-demanding,’ that ask a lot of core abdominal musculature," she previously told Well+Good. "People who have [coregasms] from crunches often say it takes 100 or 200 crunches before it happens."

6. Clitoral orgasm

For many, an external clitoral orgasm is the fastest way for vulva-owners to reach climax. "This is because the external clitoris is the part of the body that contains the greatest density of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can lead to pleasure," human sexuality professor Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, previously told Well+Good. So, friendly reminder not to neglect it, especially if you're struggling to hit your stride during penetrative sex. (After all, research shows that less than 20 percent of vulva-owners orgasm from penetration alone.)

To explore the clitoral orgasm, try the Dame Kip ($75) bullet vibrator or Unbound Puff ($46) for suction play as both are stellar options.

7. Disappearing orgasm

Also sometimes called a "half orgasm" or "ruined orgasm," this simply refers to a climax that you fall off before you reach its actual peak. "You'll get close to an orgasm, but then just kind of lose it," says Deysach. "You feel the tension and build up, and just when you think you might fly over the cliff, the feeling fades." A distraction, interruption, or change in stimulation can prompt this by accident, says Dr. O'Reilly, but in some cases, experimenting with a ruined orgasm can be done on purpose, like as part of BDSM play.

8. G-spot orgasm

The G-opot can be found along the top wall of the vagina. "For some folks—but not all—putting direct pressure on that spot can result in orgasms," says Deysach. "Usually, this happens when combined with other stimulation, like external clitoral or nipple stimulation, but sometimes, orgasm is reached from just from the pressure applied internally."

When using a toy to reach a G-sport orgasm, you want to use a slightly curved accessory. The beaked Dame Arc ($115) is the perfect accomplice for some G-spot sex-ploration.

9. Squirting orgasm

Similar to how penis-havers typically ejaculate when they orgasm, squirting refers to when a vagina-haver releases fluid mid-orgasm. "Not all vagina-havers achieve this, but putting pressure on the G-spot can help many people do so," says Deysach.

A curved toy (or a finger curved inward within the vagina), pulling up toward the wall of your stomach is one of the most direct pathways to G-spot stimulation. Dr. O'Reilly suggests pressing down gently on the outside of your stomach at the same time, and if you feel as though your muscles are inclined to bear down, exaggerate the feeling and release your pelvic floor.

"Breathe deeply, and increase the pressure against your G-spot both internally and externally," she says, "and embrace your body's reactions without focusing on ejaculating." Squirting orgasms can be fun, but the wetter, the better doesn't always apply in terms of intensity, she adds.

10. Multiple orgasms

"This is when you have a series of orgasms in a row without much—if any—of a refractory period in between," says Deysach. "It could be two in a row, or it could be 20." In certain cases, continued stimulation after a clitoral orgasm is the only thing necessary to bring on the chain reaction. (But for some people, any extra stimulation post-orgasm is uncomfortable or unpleasant due to hyper-sensitivity of the clitoris—so, it's important to listen to your body.)

According to Dr. O'Reilly, multiples can take on a variety of forms. "Some women have a series of less intense orgasms followed by a big-bang moment, while others alternate between different kinds of stimulation to experience different types of sensations as they orgasm," she says. To up your chances of experiencing multiples, try exaggerating your inhales and exhales through deep breathing while you're building up to your first O. "When your arousal levels peak and your body wants to take quick, shallow breaths, defy its natural inclination and continue to breathe slowly, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth," says Dr. O'Reilly.

Another potential pathway to multiples is to experiment with flexing your pelvic-floor muscles in between each contraction during your first orgasm, suggests Dr. O'Reilly. She says you may find that doing so can prolong the sensation, or even generate a second or third climax.

It's also important to note, however, that increasing the number of orgasms you can have in succession—or, the number of different types of orgasms you can have, period—isn't necessarily the key to feeling more pleasure. "It's best to relax and enjoy the process, as opposed to keeping score," says Dr. O'Reilly.

With reporting by Erica Sloan.

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