The Restorative ‘Serum Mascara’ With an 11,000-Person Waitlist Is Finally Back in Stock

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When Typology Paris launched its first mascara, the Teinté-5001 Serum Mascara, last fall, it sold out within a month. In the time since, it's amassed a waitlist of over 11,000 people. And now, the restorative mascara is finally back. Thanks to this restock, I was finally able to get my hands on the product, and I'm madly in love.

Typology Paris Teinté-5001 Serum Mascara ($28) is a lightweight mascara that evenly coats each lash without a single clump. It's the only mascara I've ever used that left my lashes looking like I applied nothing, and I mean that in the best way possible. Because I have dark lashes to start with, this silky formula left them looking naturally longer and thicker. I genuinely feel like I could get away with wearing it and having no one know I even had anything on. This is thanks to a blend of vegetable charcoal powder and cellulose fibers that color and extend lashes.

Before and after of author wearing Typology Serum Mascara.
Before and after of the author wearing the Typology Serum Mascara

While making my lashes look better instantly, the Typology Serum Mascara is also coating them with a protein-rich growth-stimulating blend of pea peptides, arginine, plant keratin, arginine, and castor oil.

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Pea peptides are long chains of lysine-rich amino acids (molecules that combine to form proteins) that volumize while stimulating and thickening eyelashes cells. Arginine is another amino acid that stimulates lash growth and protects against lash loss. Plant keratin is a fibrous, sulfur-rich protein that strengthens lashes. Finally, castor oil is a nourishing, strengthening ingredient that's well-known for growing lashes.

"Castor oil comes from the seeds of a castor bean plant known as Ricinus communis," says Dominic Burg, PhD, chief scientist and hair biologist at Evolis Professional. "It's considered to be poisonous, but the oil extracted from the seeds is quite beneficial for the hair."

The Typology Serum Mascara is the perfect option to complete your no-make-up looks while making your lashes stronger and longer with time.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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