I’ve Been a Beauty Editor for Nearly a Decade, and This Shopping Hack Cuts the Cost of My Beauty Routine In Half

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With eight years as a beauty editor under my belt, I've tested thousands of products across hair care, skin care, and makeup...so if something has become part of my permanent routine, you know it's gotta be good. With these exceptionally high standards, though, often comes an exceptionally high purchase price—which obviously isn't ideal. Thankfully, so many of my favorites are on sale during Ulta 21 Days of Beauty.

The retailer's famed semi-annual sale runs from March 13 to April 2. During this time, you can score daily deals on some of the best beauty products in the business—in many cases, up to 50 percent off. I, for one, will be using this as an opportunity to stock up on stuff that I'd already be buying anyway. I did the math, and shopping the sale will cut the cost of my spring beauty routine in half—bringing it down from $517 to $258.50.

Scroll through my picks below, but remember: With a different deal every day (there's a whole lot more on offer than what's listed—you can check the Ulta website for full deets), there's a chance for everyone to seriously slash their beauty budget for the next 21 days.

The Original Beauty Blender — $10.00

Originally $20, now $10

While BeautyBlenders are great for blending foundation, I also like to use one to contour and another to apply blush—which means I always need to have three on hand anytime I’m doing my makeup. Safe to say I’ll be using this sale to stock up for half price.

Shop the sale 3/13

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Primer and Setting Spray — $15.50

Originally $31, now $15.50

Now that the weather is getting warmer (and because I have about a zillion summer weddings that I need my makeup to stay put for), this setting spray is a must in my routine. It locks makeup in place no matter how sweaty you get, and leaves behind a nice dewy finish.

Shop the sale 3/13

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream — $44.50

Originally $89, now $44.50

During the spring, my perpetually dry skin moves into “combination” territory (I have an oily T-Zone every morning from March to July). I love that this cream is heavy enough to quench my skin where it needs it, but not so heavy that it makes my nose and forehead feel greasy. Plus, it’s made with collagen-stimulating marine ingredients that help soften the fine lines that have taken up appearance now that I’m in my 30s.

Shop the sale 3/16

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil — $14.50

Originally $29, now $14.50

This cleanser has long been my go-to for removing pesky makeup—including waterproof mascara that seemingly never wants to come off. It’s an oil, which means that it helps draw out dirt and oil from beneath the skin (remember the “like attracts like” principle from high school chem?), but it gets the job done without being overly drying or stripping.

Shop the sale 3/17

Sunday Riley Flash Fix Kit — $12.50

Originally $25, now $12.50

Good Genes has been a part of my routine for as long as I can remember, thanks to its gentle exfoliating prowess, and I can’t pass up the chance to buy it on sale. It’s made a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids, and always leaves my skin looking brighter and more even. I’ve never tried this cleanser, but considering it contains skin-detoxifying clay (plus hydrating ingredients like rice and olive oil esters), I’m excited to test it out during the summer months when my skin is exposed to more sweat and pollution.

Shop the sale 3/20

Dermaflash Mini Precision Peach-Fuzz Removal Device — $34.50

Originally $69, now $34.50

The first time I shaved my face, it was with a straight razor that I picked up in a drugstore in Thailand—and I loved the results it gave me. So much so that I continued to buy $4 facial razors on Amazon for years to come. I recently swapped those cheaper solutions for this device, which is much easier to use and removes all kinds of dead skin cells and unwanted hair (plus, there’s a far lower risk of me slicing myself with it). It also comes equipped with an depuffing roller ball, which I love to use under my eyes after a night of little sleep.

Shop the sale 3/21

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination SPF 50 — $21.00

Originally $42, now $21

Spending more time outside during the warmer months means that it’s extra important to load up on sunscreen, and this foundation makes it mindlessly easy to integrate SPF 50 into my routine every day. It functions as both a color-correcting cream and a foundation, and offers full coverage with a subtly luminescent finish.

Shop the sale 3/26

Bare Minerals Loose Mineral Veil — $14.00

Originally $28, now $14

On days when I don’t want to go all-in on foundation, I opt for this loose powder, which evens my skin tone in 10 seconds flat with very little effort. It helps to mattify the oily spots on my face, but isn’t so mattifying that it makes the dry areas look cakey. Plus, it’s got SPF 25, so it’s great to re-apply for extra protection when you’re on the go.

Shop the sale 3/27

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Hyaluronic Cloud Moisturizer — $26.00

Originally $52, now $26

Real talk: It’s hard to find a sunscreen/moisturizer that isn’t white, drying, or goopy. But this formula is packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid, and melts seamlessly into skin with no chalky finish in sight. It creates a nice, even canvas to apply makeup on top of, and can actually be applied over your makeup without ruining your look.

Shop the sale 3/28


Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant — $39.50

Originally $79, now $39.50

I don’t know about you, but my skin tends to feel a little, well, gross once the temperatures start to climb, and I rely on exfoliants to help keep it clean and clear. This at-home microdermabrasion treatment combines physically exfoliating microcrystals with chemically exfoliating AHAS to get way down deep into my pores to clear away any gunk and grime. Though it offers a pretty intense skin-sloughing experience, it’s also got soothing ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera, and chamomile extract to help you avoid irritation.

Shop the sale 3/30

KILLA Kit Deep Zit Microdart Patch 8-Pack — $14.50

Originally $29, now $14

I’m lucky in that I rarely get pimples, but any time one does pop up it’s always red, angry, and deeply rooted within my skin (it’s as if all of the potential pimples are waiting beneath the surface to emerge together as one super pimple). These patches are the only thing that works to calm them down. Made with hydrocolloid “mini darts,” they infuse zit-zapping ingredients like salicylic acid (which clears out your pores) and niacinamide (which calms inflammation) deep within the skin. Even the most obnoxious pimples are no match.

Shop the sale 3/30

Benefit Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel — $12.00

Originally $24, now $12

My eyebrows are, in a word, unruly—they grow absurdly fast (sometimes into a single unibrow), and the hairs stick out in all kinds of different directions. This gel helps to lock them into place without making them look overdone, and even works on the stubborn cowlick in my left brow. It comes in 10 different tints, which are helpful in making hairs look thicker and covering up bald spots.

Shop the sale 4/1

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