This Lightweight Jelly Serum Uses Blue Lotus, a Gentler Alternative to Niacinamide, To Regulate Oily Skin

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Come spring, the overproduction of oil is a major concern for so many folks. Incorporating niacinamide into your skin-care routine is great this time of year as its anti-inflammatory properties counteract the effects of stress hormones on the skin, thus decreasing your oil output (since oil production is often hormonally driven). But niacinamide can cause irritation for those with super sensitive skin. That's why Undefined just launched a new serum starring blue lotus—a gentler oil-regulating alternative.

"Blue lotus is a great ingredient that helps with balancing oil production," says Dorian Morris, founder of Undefined. "I incorporated this because in all of the other products in the line I incorporate niacinamide, which does a great job at balancing oil production. But listening to my community, not everybody's skin can tolerate niacinamide. So I wanted to make sure I created a product that did not have it, but you still get the benefit that niacinamide would provide with the blue lotus."

In addition to regulating oil production, the Undefined R&R Hydro Jelly ($22) hydrates, firms, and strengthens your skin (including the skin around your eyes) with a blend of plant-based and clinical ingredients.

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  • Dorian Morris, Dorian Morris is the founder and CEO of Undefined Beauty.

"What makes it special is that it is super hydrating and it's tapping into some really cool humectants, specifically the unsung hero in glycerin—I feel like glycerin doesn't get the love that it needs, because it's so juicy and slippery," says Morris. It also has other hydration heroes like beta-glucan, sodium PCA, panthenol (vitamin B5), hyaluronic acid, and tremella mushroom. "Hydration is a universal need no matter your skin type because if you have acneic, oil-prone skin, you still need to hydrate. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, which is me, you extra need to hydrate." It also has a blend of firming, collagen-boosting ingredients like caffeine and pea protein.

All of this goodness is wrapped up in fermentation technology.

"What makes fermentation special is that essentially it's breaking down the molecular weight of the actual ingredient which allows for better penetration, which means better potency and performance," says Morris. "It also helps to reduce inflammation, and irritation causes inflammation which causes hyperpigmentation. So for me, it's about giving you all of these tools to prevent some of these downstream negatives of skin care."

Although this serum plays nice with others, it's jam-packed with so many ingredients you can use it as your one-and-only hydration step.

"So for lazy mornings like today, cause I was extremely busy, busy, I would cleanse, I would use this as my hydration step and I'd follow my sunscreen," says Morris. "And then from a nighttime standpoint, I always use this before I follow with like my night serums and whatnot."

Ready to banish excess oil while hydrating and firming your skin? Grab the Undefined R&R Hydro Jelly and let your skin soak up all the goodness.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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