6 Beauty Buys Your Boyfriend Will Love As Much As You Do

Source: Stocksy

Moving in with your beau calls for a serious combining of stuff. For every Star Wars poster of his, there's a sheep skin rug of yours, so when you land on something that you both love, it's as if the hallelujah chorus strikes up in the background. A surprising place to start the consolidation? Your beauty regimens—you know, so you don't have 20 products in your shower and because the stress-busting benefits of an uncluttered bathroom can do your relationship good.

More and more beauty brands are embracing the idea that formulas should appeal to one-and-all. Meant is one such inclusive brand which has embraced minimalist design and marketing that doesn’t rely on stereotypes to sell products (the pink bottle isn't any better than the gray one!). Many are multi-tasking as well, which means that they can be used as a shampoo and body wash, for example. From chic packaging to luxe experiences, here are the products you (and your guy) won't be able to stop dreaming about.

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