Urban Outfitters Is a Secret Skin-Care Paradise—Here’s What You Can Buy for Under $20

I never really felt cool when I was growing up until I discovered Urban Outfitters. Once I waltzed through the store's collection of boho-slash-vintage-looking clothes (like the vintage renewal baseball jersey that I still have) and cute AF jewelry, I finally felt like I could dress up the way I always wanted to but never could. So I'm happy to report that my OG favorite store still kills it with its beauty selection, which is actually really good.

I don't remember Urban Outfitters having skin-care products when I went there as a teen (which is quite some time ago, mind you), but they've been slowly curating their shelves with some actual top-notch finds. Like, they have everything. Prefer slathering on indie beauty serums? Check. Like to stock up on cult-favorites and buzzy ingredients? Check and check. Wanna discover new brands to get your skin glowy? Yup, got that too.

Urban's skin-care section is so chock-full of beauty gems that it's kind of overwhelming. But I challenged myself to pick out the best of the best... that you can get for under 20 bucks (ya know, so you have more money to spend on those clothes, too). So I've rounded up the true steals you can score at Urban Outfitters, from active serums to pimple patches, cult beauty favorites (they've got Mario Badescu!), and really unique products that I've never even seen before but must stock up on immediately. Keep scrolling for what to add to your cart at Urban Outfitters, below, and make room in your beauty bag.

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