10 Cute and Trusty Vaccination Card Holders, Because That’s a Thing We Need Now

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In today's edition of "Things That Only Make Sense in 2021," everyone you know is investing their money in a cryptocurrency named after an outdated Shiba Inu meme, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started a YouTube channel, and summer's hottest accessory is poised to vaccination card holders.

It is not fully known the extent to which vaccine passports will be required, but it's important to keep your vaccination card safe. So, if you're the kind of person who frequently walks into a room and immediately forgets why they went there, you may be understandably nervous about keeping safe this very important piece of paper.

While some people are choosing to laminate the vaccination card, that may not be the best idea in case your it needs any updates (booster shots, anyone?). And, sure, you can pick up some practical clear sleeves for protection—but there are also plenty of cute vaccination card holders to buy instead.

The best vaccination card holders on the Internet

Etsy ShoreToPleaseCo Vaccination Card Holder — $5.00

A step up from the plain, boring clear vaccination card cases out there, these cute ones from Etsy are printed with 2021’s hottest word: “vaccinated.” There’s also a space to clip a lanyard.

Cuyana Zero Waste Mini Leather Zipper Pouch — $65.00

This cute little pouch is made from excess leather that would have gone to waste, as part of Cuyana’s Zero Waste collection. It’s big enough to fit your vaccination card and your passport so you can keep them together and safely stored until it’s time for them to be used. Bonus: You can have the pouch monogrammed.

Etsy SequoiaSeams Vaccination Card Holder — $20.00

This handmade vaccination card holder has a clear waterproof pouch to keep your card safe, but also snaps together in the front so you aren’t flashing your personal deets to everyone. It also has a cloth ring so you can hook a lanyard to it. It comes in five colors/patterns: green woven print, pink metallic, watercolor blue dot (pictured), birds and leaves print, and yellow.

vaccination card holders
Reike Nen Micro Mini Bag — $78.00

After a year of living in sweats, there is something appealing about how over the top it would be to have a teeny purse just for your vaccination card. It’s perfect if you find that other vaccine card holders lack the necessary je ne sais quoi one demands as a person who got in on Dogecoin when it was at three cents a share.

Yunfly Leather Vaccination Card Holder — $7.00

A solid vaccination card holder doesn’t need to break the bank. This durable card holder is trendy and easy to carry, perfectly designed keep vaccination cards protected where ever you go. Available in pretty marbled colors, like brown, pink, aqua, and blue.

vaccination card holders
Lululemon True Identity Card Case — $28.00

This card holder has two slots on the front, one on the back, and a zippered compartment in the middle. It’s made from waterproof material, adding an extra layer of protection to the proof of your Fauci Ouchie. You can also snag it in one of the three other colorways: black, shades of green, and pink and blue camo.

Mansur Gavriel Zip Card Holder — $195.00

Keep your vaccination card safe and on-hand with this simple pebbled leather card holder from minimalist dream brand Mansur Gavriel. It also comes in light dusty pink.

Brahmin BYO Mask Case — $55.00

This is technically designed to be a mask holder, but it would also make a stellar vaccination card holder and it can clip right onto your handbag. It comes in nine different colors, ranging from neutral to bold.

Ashya Passport Bolo — $225.00

Stash your vaccine card with your passport to have them both at the ready as soon as international travel is a thing again. This bolo can be worn around your neck, as a crossbody, or even as a belt, making these important items easily accessible and saving you from having to dig through your purse while in the airport security line.

Dagne Dover Accordion Travel Wallet — $75.00

Passport, credit cards, ID, vax cards—all your necessities fit seamlessly in this accordion wallet. Made of textured leather, it has two internal card pockets, six card slots, and one external card slot so you can pack whatever you need.

In case you're wondering, this is how vaccines work:

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